I am a new potential author. I live in Jamaica. My passion is writing poetry but I have recently started to dabble in story writing.

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  • thatweirdislandgirl 2w

    I lie when I smile

    When you asked me how I was doing, did you genuinely want to know, or was it a reflex question that people often ask and expecting an automated answer of “yes, I am fine” or “yes, I am good?”
    Sometimes I wish you would ask because you genuinely care and want to hear about my state of mind because then I could be honest and tell you that I am not doing fine. 

    Maybe then I could hope that you care to listen and even be inclined to assist, without me worrying that you listen to my pain just to gossip.

    So when you asked me how I am doing, I am forced to lie. Lie and not speak the truth that I cry at night in my own space where I feel safe from judgmental and inquisitive eyes.  

    I lie when I smile in the daytime to mask my pain because I feel like the world has gone insane and expects, demand even, that I smile to brighten my face, just as how the sun shines to brighten the days.

    I smile because no one wants to be reminded of their own pain in the light of day because they too must smile and carry on.

    No one must know that they have been reconfigured from broken pieces and they are fragile; they have to remain strong.

    So I dare not shed a tear in the light of day, for you to be forced to uncomfortably look away.

    And so I continue with my emotional dissonance.  I smile and lie about it and say that I’m doing fine, and then I cry about it in the night time.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 2w

    I know that you are not good for me

     I know that you are not good for me, but yet still I want you
    You are like the cigarette that’s bad for my lung and yet when you touch me my body hums these beautiful notes in groans and high pitch tones of ‘oh my gosh' and 'baby I’m gonna cum'.

    I know that you are not good for me, but yet still I want you
    You are like a consistent over consumption of alcohol that’s bad for my health and yet when you kiss me, it’s the most intoxicating feeling that I have ever felt, the kind that makes me want to melt.

    I know that you are not good for me, but yet still I want you
    You are like my constant intake of excess  sugar- one step on my way to diabetes, and yet I can’t help but miss your sweet  kisses or the way your juicy lips feel against my neck as you ravenously  feast on my breast, and you glide your hands down my hips.

    I know that you are not good for me, but yet still I want you
    I am a slave to my desires and so I close my eyes to all your cruel ways and open my body to you, giving you complete access because I crave the way you make me feel loved and seen.  You are my caffeine; the drug that keeps me high. Sigh!

    I know that you are not good for me, but yet still I want you.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 9w

    If I Could Tell You Feel

    Sometimes if I were to tell you just how I feel
    It would be to tell you how afraid I am that my scars won't heal
    I would tell you how some days I feel like a total mess
    And that some days I feel like our love is a constant test
    A test that I am almost sure that I will not pass
    So I convinced myself that our love won't last
    I would tell you how some days I can feel it creeping in
    The certainty of unworthiness  buried under my skin
    Because I have never met anyone who loves me this much
    And I am terrified that I will fuck this up

    I would tell you how fear would let me trade my sunshine for rainy days
    Because I am broken and dysfunctional in so many ways
    I would tell you how I badly want you to be mine to keep
    For you to be the one who pulls me up and out from the deep

    I would tell you that my love for you run deep in my veins
    And that my love for you is like an irremovable stain
    Oh Honey! If only I had the courage to tell you how I feel
    Then what would happen if  all my demons were to be revealed?

  • thatweirdislandgirl 9w

    Cookies and Milk

    The last time that I was restless and could not sleep, I drank a whole bottle of wine and call my ex to reminisce when there was a time when he was all mine to keep.

    But tonight will be different, I am eating cookies and drinking milk to keep the thoughts at bay about the life that we had built. I am pretty sure that wont work though, milk won't help the guilt, the damage is already done, the milk is already spilt.

    Anyway, these cookies are delicious and the milk is quite tasty too, the texture and colour is everything, just as how I had made you my everything.

    I love cookies and milk, they are a good combination, just like how you and I were a match made in heaven...or so I thought, right before we ripped out each others heart.

    Anyway, like I said, I love cookies and milk.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 16w

    I Wrote this poem for you

    I wrote this poem just for you
    The beautiful person who is reading this
    A reminder to be grateful that you are on the Wake Up list

    I wrote it to remind you that diamonds come from the rough
    And that you are a rare gem- You are more than enough
    And I Know that life isn’t always the easiest sometimes it gets tough and sometimes it feels like there is no hope, and you feel like giving up

    But before you do, please remember that not all plants die when they whither
    Before you give up, please consider
    What if you are robbing yourself of the chance to be all that you had aspire 
    If you give up when things get tough, how then can you truly inspire?
    The persons who are going through way worse than what you are experiencing
    What if you are next in line for your blessing?

    I wrote this poem for you
    To remind you that grey skies turns blue
    And you are next in line for a break through

  • thatweirdislandgirl 16w

    I Want You Back

    I am scared to admit to myself and anyone else that I want you back
    Because you have already moved on and I am not the fighting type but I think the day that you walked out of my life, I may have died because you took along parts of me that I needed to live, like my heart and my soul.
    I feel like an empty body walking around, I have no home, you were my home. So now I'm homeless and hopeless that I will ever find a love like ours- the kind of love that mirrors the depths of the ocean and the heights of the tallest mountains.
    I am ashamed of being such a coward to not beg you to stay because my pride just would not let me. But where is my pride now when I'm curled up in a ball in a corner hiding in the darkness and cursing at my weakness and at the same time missing your sweetness.
    My eyes won't stop leaking because of the simple fact that I can't stop loving you and I want you back.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 16w


    As I sip on this red wine I began to reminisce on a time when you were mine
    When you use to devour my lips, and grind to the rythym of my hips, as I tease your manhood with my fingertips and you ravish my body
    There was a time when making me want you, making me wet, making me beg, making me cum was your favourite hobby
    Because it gave you so much pleasure to know that I could not measure the depths of your love for me and how you fulfill all my fantasies and take me to the point of ecstacy where your name just rolled effortlessly off my tongue and I screamed so loud on the top of my lungs "Baby I'm cumming" So as I sip on this glass of red wine, I will reminisce on your loving and a time when you were mine.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 16w

    I think its a bad idea to drink red wine and write so late in the night. #latenight #randomthoughts

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    A Poem From My Heart

    I wrote you a poem today on the four chambers of my heart.
    The walls of my heart were the four corners of each page
    As I write each word of love with the blood in my heart as the ink
    My heart became extremly happy and began to beat and danced to its own rhythm
    So I decided that I would send the poem that I wrote for you in my heart
    I signed it with love , and used a string from my coronary arteries to hold it together.
    And as my heart pumps blood to the rest of my body, my heart pumps my eternal love to you.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 17w

    I'm not Ok

    In my state of vulnerabilty as I nurse a broken heart , you asked me three simple words "Are you OK?" and I burst into full blown tears. So, no I'm not OK.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 17w

    Writers Block

    It would appear that I have writers block
    As I stare at an empty page and watched it stared back
    It seems to be saying nothing and everything at the same time
    It seems to be saying, " just write one word, write one line"
    It seems to be saying " don't overthink, just write what is in your thoughts or write what you feel in your heart"
    But still I had nothing not even the title of what I want to write , which sometimes come last
    For a second I thought I had a thought but it was nothing because in a second it was gone- forgotten
    So I guess I will write about nothing or simply see what's on TV to see if I get inspired
    I always do that and then I get tired and go to sleep or just get some weird cravings for something weird to eat

    I think it's best I just rest and let it happen naturally
    Words will revisit along with the voice of what I want to say
    So yeah...I have nothing to write today because I have writers block.