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    If you believe everyone is kind and loving, it is probably because you are. If you believe everyone is greedy and manipulative, it is probably because you are. The best thing to do is to remove the #glasses and use your #NakedEyes. Don't see; observe. Actions and words often don't match. And knowing the difference between the two makes a whole lot of difference. Don't colour your vision with your philosophy. See as is, accept as is. #PositiveThinking is self-sabotage and #NegativeThinking is a disservice to everyone. Be #neutral. Behave based on neutral opinions.
    Stop glorifying positivity just because it is feel-good. Stop with the negativity because it is self-victimization. Neither is healthy or beneficial.
    Kick start #RealLiving. ✌��

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    The world is exactly as our glasses are.
    Remove the glasses and find freedom.


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    We often desire when we don't deserve, when we don't want to put in the effort to get it and when we simply refuse to work towards it. Nothing leads to nothing. Do nothing, have nothing. Whatever we want, whatever we desire can only materialize from our actions. If we can't be bothered to put an effort, we should expect not to receive anything.

    #apurvatidkepoems #apurvatidkequotes #deserving #effort #nothing #desire

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    You want better things,
    Without better beginnings,
    You want to conquer hills,
    Without the work and thrill,
    You want a perfect machine,
    Without the care and the oiling,
    You want the effing world
    Without breaking your mold,
    You want all and everything,
    Without tightening your shoestring.
    You may want it all,
    But nothing leads to nothing at all.
    No one gives a flying fuck,
    To a lazy, sitting duck.


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    Disagree, disobey, just reject the idea that all is fine the way it is. Because, it can be better and because it never is all right the way it is. Agreeing with the status quo
    ensures that there will be no more progress anymore.

    #change #ambition #power #improvement #kaizen #selfimprovement.

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    You have to give up the comfortable shade of 'what is' to get to 'what can be'.


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    It will also bring a lightness, insight and joy and help us feel more in service of the world around us.

    #joy #love #world #kindness

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    The world would be a much better place if we talked to the people instead of talking about them.

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    We may run after a load of benchmarks and milestones but nothing is important if we don't have the connect which makes us human. Love when you can, hold someone close to you when you can, understand someone when they need it.

    #englishpoetry #apurvatidkequotes #apurvatidke #apurvatidkewriting #love #understanding #hugs #embrace #relationship

    Read More the end that's all we want: to be loved, held and understood.

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    Relationship are often complicated. Though we want transparency and ease, we always get entangled in a web where trying to solve this can sometimes lead to more problems. Sometimes, leaving things as are is the best option.
    #hindipoetry #apurvatidkequotes #apurvatidke #apurvatidkewriting #relationship #rishte #uljhan

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    नहीं चाहता हर कोइ उझन सुलझाना,

    के कुछ रिश्तें गुत्थीयों में ही महफूज़ रहते हैं।


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    Mujhe nafrat hai meri nikammi sarkar se. Aur usase bhi zyada meri bebasi se. Itni rakhon ka hisab kaha chukayenge? Itne kafno ko kaha dafnaenge?
    Agar ab bhi mandir-masjid karte rahe to kya mandiro me patients bithayenge?

    #death #death_of_a_poor_man #COVID #oxygen_ki_kami_nahi_hai #writersnetwork

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    Wo jhukta raha,

    Wo dabta raha,

    Chappale ghis ke

    Kaam karta raha.

    Andar sisakta

    Salaam karta raha,

    Rota bilagta

    Pair padta raha.

    Girta padta

    Aaram mangta raha,

    Lawaris-sa raasto par

    Dum todta raha.

    Fir mar kar aparadhi sa

    Kafan me kaid,

    Wo mook dahan ki

    Bheek mangta raha.


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    Simplify your life. Be a miser when it come to expecting, demanding and taking. Be liberal in fulfilling, loving and giving. Happiness and opportunities make way to those who give more than they take.

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    Be liberal in giving,
    Miserly in taking.


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    Sometimes, some random thoughts make you very uneasy. One of these thoughts is the thought of losing my best friend. I tear up everytime. This time I put it down in words.
    If you have anyone close to you about who you feel like this, do share this with them.

    #friendship #sadness #death #depression #sanity #loss #end

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    if you die my friend,
    my five lovers, my six
    brothers, my ten aunts,
    my sisters, my mother–
    they all together
    cannot stop me from
    slipping through the
    crevices of my sanity
    you held together in place
    by your mere presence
    in the plane of my life
    were you to drop off it,
    I will embrace a free fall
    after you, to catch you,
    or to crash with you to
    my End– Our End; Together.