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  • thasleemanazrin 18w

    When the sunset is supposed to be beautiful, why it is so painful? Is that because the wait for another day is long as a decade?


  • thasleemanazrin 28w

    Today I wrote the saddest melody. But I am even sadder that I had to write it.


  • thasleemanazrin 31w

    Words are stuck somewhere as the
    heart throws barricades everywhere,
    The smoke of agony was lighted up
    by the bloodthirsty scarlet flames,
    The mind continues to wander around
    in search of the melody of peace,
    It went miles ahead but ended up
    as a fruitless effort, but the rays of
    hope guided and energised the passage,
    At last, it touched the fantasy world where
    the pain couldn't penetrate at all,
    I stayed there for a while and came back
    through the secret pathway as i desired that
    the pain won't find the gate of that world
    and never dropped in the face there.


  • thasleemanazrin 33w

    The hardest days where the mind
    humming for peace all around

    The peaceful days where the mind
    wandering around for conflicts

    In between a soul that persists
    for the vigour to make a
    human life alive


  • thasleemanazrin 37w

    I believed we all carry a torch light
    that will lead us down a dark path
    To my astonishment, I saw some faces who
    carry a heart steeped in the light of purity
    that can shed light to others pathway,
    sheltered from the darkness forever
    And I aspire to be one of those


  • thasleemanazrin 41w

    People may appear similar in appearance, color, race, religion and many. But despite of the similarities they can differ in the way they think, in understanding and perceiving things. In that way, no two persons are similar but they are different and unique in their way. Despite of all these differences people feel connected to one another and create a bond. There will be lots of factors that brings them together and also factors that make them away. People can be critical, hostile, lovable, understandable, friendly, caring, dominant, liberal or the mix of all.

    So, when there is a clash between two personalities of two different persons, why we want to correct others and to bring them in our own way? Why do we expect that one has to be understanding of us when that person is not? Why would you hope that others will see you through your eyes? Why we still go with fights, verbal jugglery, and other messes? Instead, why can't we train ourselves to let go of that person? Ain't it far better to move away from them rather than being stuck there itself? Does a constant conflict with any particular person, help us in the long run? Likewise, changing oneself for the sake of a relationship won't be healthy for a developed self!


  • thasleemanazrin 42w

    The nights, which I felt the intense love is the
    most scariest night as far as I remember.

    Those cheeks sparkle with the joy of love turns to the bloody red color out of the fear.

    Today, I'm walking miles holding those hands
    dipped in ecstasy, but somewhere
    a tomorrow is waiting for me to walk alone
    all the way back with heart loaded tears.


  • thasleemanazrin 50w

    I killed hope. Thus, I became a murderer. But that way at least I could save myself.


  • thasleemanazrin 52w

    Don't be too courageous to bear the wound we got at a certain point in life to the later part.


  • thasleemanazrin 58w

    I asked my patient, what is the most scariest thing in the world. And she replied "that moment when you are unable to cry out when overwhelmed with a heart full of sadness".