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  • thamez 28w


    Trying to be original
    That's hard to find in this modern world
    When all they do is compare
    And all they do is complain

    I'm trying to make my mark
    But every step I take
    Is a step someone else had made
    And I have nowhere else to go
    Have I lost my way

    This is who I am
    I am being myself
    And I refuse to be
    A shadow of someone else
    I'll tell you one day
    You will know my name
    Standing on the top of the world
    And casting my own shadow

    I refuse to be a Shadow
    I refuse to be a Shadow
    A Shadow of someone else

  • thamez 29w

    I Found Love

    I found love
    In the darkest place
    In an empty room
    With such little space
    Waiting for someone
    To come along

    Lost and cold
    In this empty room
    Waiting for someone like me
    Waiting for someone like you
    To take it home

  • thamez 29w


    Am I just a figment of your imagination
    You ignored me without hesitation
    Pretend that I am just another stranger
    That passed you by the sidewalk
    Am I just part of your delusion
    A beautiful illusion
    Someone that keeps your mind occupied
    But only for that one time
    And only for that one night
    Am I just nothing to you now

  • thamez 29w


    You are just like a pillow
    That I hold on tight at night
    Calm me through the thunder
    Make me feel alright
    You are my comfort and my warmth
    My shelter from the storm
    Save me from the darkness
    With your light

    You are just like a pillow
    When I sleep right next to you
    Just like a fantasy
    You make all my dreams come true
    I just wanna let you know
    I'm never letting you go
    Keep you close to me
    And I'll be close to you
    Just like a pillow

  • thamez 29w


    I'm shallow
    Just like a puddle
    Don't expect me to be an ocean
    I'm not that deep

  • thamez 29w


    Go away as far as you can
    I never wanna see you again
    I hate you so much
    And I never wanna see you again

  • thamez 29w

    @mirakee #dove #bird #heartbreak #love #symbolism #bleeding #heart

    There is something poetic about the bleeding heart
    This is a dove with red marks on its chest
    The kind of red that resemble the color of blood
    And its always on the chest
    Makes it look like it got shot
    Right where the heart should be
    But its not in pain though
    Thats just how it looks
    And this is a real bird

    They say doves
    They symbolizes peace and love
    But what about this dove
    Pain and heartaches?
    A symbol for the broken hearted
    But the bird isn't broken
    The bird itself is just fine in the inside
    What do you think?
    To me its just fascinating

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    The Bleeding Heart Dove


  • thamez 29w

    I Still Exist Without You

    i often forget
    that i used to have a life before you
    now that we're done
    now that we're through
    now that it's over
    between me and you
    i often remind myself
    that i still exist without you
    i used to have a life without you
    and i know for sure
    that i still exist without you

    when we were together
    my world revolves around you
    every single moment of it
    is always been with you
    but i just realized that i have a life
    of my own
    and its a life i forgot i had
    before i met you
    i still have a life
    i still exist without you

  • thamez 30w


    Its simple
    I drink
    I drank
    I get drunk
    Drink, drank, drunk
    I get wasted
    And i regret it
    But only in the morning
    Thats how it is
    Thats how i do
    Drink, drank, drunk

  • thamez 30w

    I Wish I Could Hurt You

    i wish i could hurt you
    the same way you hurt me
    i know it's not right for me to say such things
    but sometimes these thoughts just stays on your mind
    and you don't know what to do
    you know you hurt me
    i wish i could hurt you