Collecting the broken pieces of your life and stiching them together in words is a way of making one's soul speak. It is something unique :)

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  • terzarima 18w

    At the end of a storm, all is lost.
    The calm is besmirching,
    The silence is killing.

    Don't know what I am feeling now,
    Even the breeze feels harsh.
    Gnawing and clawing for dear love,
    But, not a soul around.

    I am defeated,
    Standing alone on a cliff of emotions.
    The last step to the hollow,
    The endless chasm of death.
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #lonely #insecure #angry #upset #mixedfeelings #history #broken #defeated #aloneagain #love #life #norelationship

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  • terzarima 26w


    It's been long since I have been home.
    But, the address seems to have been lost in the way.

    I searched for it at every place
    But, it was hidden away from me.

    Did my home not want me back?
    Or did it collapse?

    I long for it so much.
    I feel ashamed of disgrace as such.

    Am I slowly fading away from its memory?
    Like a recurring history?


  • terzarima 31w

    Have you ever felt like you're in so much pain that you don't even know how to feel anymore? Like nothing or no one in this world can help you, just that person?

    Have you given up all your self respect, ego, pride eveything for that person and have only been embarrassed?

    Have you let you heart out to someone with all your innocence but have only been questioned?

    Have you made sacrifices with everything that you feel just so that you can support that person and expected nothing in return? But, as someone told me "we are fragile humans and it only drains our energy when our feelings don't get acknowledged", it is true. But, do we deserve to get disregarded?

    Have you felt breathless in the bright sun because you're reminded of someone? Have you felt jealous of people getting to live such a normal life while you're here questioning your existence? Have you felt so alone that you blamed yourself to be undeserving of love and compassion?

    I am reminded constantly of those days when we couldn't stay without each other even for a minute. I had finally thought that this will stay, I was happy I was at peace. Little did I know, that life had other plans. Thay I will always be the last in their list.

    More than that? Not a chance.

    #writersnetwork #heartout

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    The sky was dull...
    I searched for brightness.
    I was only just another one
    I craved for madness...


  • terzarima 47w


    Guiding the ones who have lost their way,
    Showing the path to the tired wanderer,
    Polaris stands alone into the vastness of the sky ;
    Waiting for the moon to rest her tired head.

    She can face all of nature's adversity.
    She faces the gruesomness with a bright smile,
    Knowing that at the end of all her troubles;
    She can call the moon, home.

    But, the moon doesn't come her way often.
    The moon forgets his home sometimes.
    Polaris waits and waits, until she is engulfed,
    By the reality of cloaking night.

    She feels alone and bereft of strength.
    Her only company are the sea voyagers.
    Slowly, she learns to find the light within herself,
    Cause' her evergleam will keep her faith in herself forever.


  • terzarima 60w

    Unloved and broken, my withered heart asks me "What is it like to feel longed?"
    I answer with a smile "it's just like monsoon after Summer long"
    My heart now sad and hopeless, asks me "Oh! Then why do I not smile, when rain knocks on my heart door?"
    I answer with my eyes glistened, "Tis' because monsoon has forgotten it's way to this barren core."

  • terzarima 61w


    When it's maddening and I cant find any answers. I talk to myself...I whisper to me "Oh no love! Don't be so hard on yourself".

    The pain is unimaginable. I have become so calm. But, the screams keep me awake at night!

    I ask myself "Why? Oh why do I feel so deeply?" Why do I have to talk myself to sleep? Why this agony?

    The flower only blooms when it is nurtured well. A heart loves one when it feels appreciated.

    Now, there is such a stillness like the Ocean at night. Will it face a storm or see the sun shine bright?

  • terzarima 68w


    I looked up in the sky today. There it was, a lovely moon in that ocean of blue, beaming bright. I smiled. I wanted to get drenched in it's beauty. So serene...
    I was reminded of someone. I wanted to hold his hand and smile the same way. I wanted to be his beam. Will he ever be my Moon?

  • terzarima 74w

    Take me back to the night we met by Lord Huron is a song which soothes me. I love it! Absolutely! I love listening to it especially when it rains. I crawl up to my bed, play it and calm myself down. It has been a very good friend to me...something I can hold on to when I'm feeling lost, sad or unworthy. This song helps me to hold on to life when my heart shatters into a thousand pieces. This little writing is one of the pieces that I wanted to share...

    #mirakee #tothenightwemet #lordhuron #write #love @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I remember the first evening at the beach.
    It was dark, the moon was asleep.
    But, it was bright because of YOU.
    It was silent, it was serene.
    But, you chattered and the waves roared.
    Why is it dark now even when the room is full of lights?
    Why is there silence even when words will fall short if I start to name my love for you?

  • terzarima 76w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Inequality

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    Discriminating infuriating bigotry

  • terzarima 76w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Insecure

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    She is into you. But, you run and self deprecate.