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  • tekxsdagr8 5w

    Ode to mama

    Mama;mama, the first woman I ever saw,
    Mama;mama, the first woman to show me love,
    Mama,my mama, she taught me to use the needle and thread,
    Mama,my mama,and how to make my bed.

    Mama;mama,I still know how to make beans,
    you showed me so.
    Mama;mama,I’ll never loose the patience you long bestowed.

    Fine woman,strong woman,
    you lived life fully till the end.
    Smart woman,intellectual woman,
    you taught us all to read and spell.

    Mama,mama;the first woman to rub my head,
    Mama,mama;the first woman to hold me to her chest,
    Mama,mama; we’ll see you again when jesus bursts the sky,
    Mama, till then mama, continue to rest with the saviour on high

  • tekxsdagr8 42w

    Saviour of the worlds

    Happy birthday Yeshua,
    Son of God; son of man.

    Happy birthday soon coming king,
    Lord over everything.

    Happy birthday alpha; omega,
    Time compressed in your palms.

    Happy birthday Jesus;
    Saviour of the worlds.

  • tekxsdagr8 45w


    Today I saw a girl,
    The most beautiful ever,
    Her eyes shiney like pearls,
    Her smile so warm gave my soul a thrill,
    Her glistening white dentition reflected the sunlight,
    Oh she was a bright, radiant sight.

    Today I met a girl,
    Her gait was like sweet musical rhythms,
    Each step an up and down beat right on time,
    If music had a physical form; she was the body,
    Oh my! oh my, she definitely blew my mind.

    Today I encountered a girl; and she wasn’t just good looking,
    When she opened her mouth her high intellectualism spilled through,
    She’s nothing like the others I’ve met before, wisdom flowing like a heavy downpour,
    Who’s child is this?

    Today I met a girl and when she left I was speechless.
    Beautiful, intelligent, polite,
    Her kind is rare, her kind makes you proud,
    Today I met a girl.
    That girl; is you.

  • tekxsdagr8 49w

    Ode to a clergyman

    It’s the way you talk,
    The way you feed the flock,
    It’s the way you sing,
    How the notes pour as perfect melodies.

    It’s the way you care,
    An ever listening ear,
    Always ready to wipe away tears,
    though; you can be stern.

    It’s the way you pray,
    Carrying the weight of our collective pain,
    the way you dress,
    Always on point and yes, we’re impressed.

    This is why we love and celebrate you,
    A man of the collar;
    Painting lives with loves colour,
    Thank you sir,
    Happy birthday, pastor.

  • tekxsdagr8 54w

    African giant?

    Nigeria is sixty,
    A nation has never been more shitty,
    Millions living in misery,
    A common factor of their collective history.

    Nigeria is sixty,
    Every other day unfolds a new mystery,
    A people with great potential and ability,
    Bound by years of military,political and religious wizardry.

    Nigeria is sixty,
    What are we celebrating exactly?
    No industries, no energy,
    And if you talk, you loose your liberty.

    Nigeria is now sixty,
    Ever pregnant and hoping for a safe delivery,
    Over and over she miscarries,
    A dead infant, yet growing daily.

    Nigeria is sixty,
    And the people ought to be happy,
    A section get their high from tv,
    Soccer, biggy and media controversies,
    A few others from camping with the enemy.

    Nigeria is sixty,
    And you might find this piece nasty,
    Just look around you; think,
    And tell me these aren’t the realities.

  • tekxsdagr8 54w


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    You close your eyes but sleep won’t come,
    Worry keeps you alive all night long,
    and when you finally drift off, you awake with exhaustion, yes you slept,
    but it was absent of rest.

    You’re lethargic all day,
    You don’t eat, you can’t actually,
    As you have no food.
    You hit the road, you’ve become sore from walking.
    And no, the foreman won’t hire you, you’re feeble.

    Your wife has given up and left,
    She’ll start all over with the time she has left.
    And as you lay your head at another attempt at slumber,
    You recollect how life was good just last November.

    You cry help! But no one hears,
    This load is heavy; even for you to bear,
    You catch glimpses of the eternal rest,
    Surely a better place beyond earth.

    It’s been days since anyone heard from you,
    Your landlord has come for what you owe,
    But your soul has slithered into eternity’s hole,
    And now; the funds you asked will suddenly be available, available for a tomb stone.

  • tekxsdagr8 56w

    Dear Christian

    Are you living ready,
    Are you daily praying,
    Are you ever watching,
    Are you patiently waiting?

    Are you living ready,
    Are you onward marching,
    Are you sinners converting,
    Are you still in this army?

    Are you living ready,
    Your life an epistle for many,
    Daily your cross bearing,
    your gifts; all for Gods glory.
    Are you?


  • tekxsdagr8 80w


    When the rapture happens,
    I won’t be here.
    When we’re caught up,
    The world will cry and beg;
    Chaos everywhere, people hiding in fear.
    When the dust settles,
    They’ll tell you it was an alien affair,
    The hordes of evil let loose,
    It will be hell on earth.

    Before the church is taken,
    pray you won’t be left here.
    Because when the restrainer is removed,
    It will be the beginning of the end;
    The books of revelation and Daniel,
    Playing out like a stage drama,
    Repent now, as you cannot later,
    For when the rapture happens,
    I won’t be here.

  • tekxsdagr8 87w


    I awoke with a smile,
    As soon: I’ll no longer be mine.
    What if I cry when you walk down the aile,
    What if we stutter when we say our vows?

    Meeting you was Divine,
    Each passing moment a cloud nine,
    a table set with loves fine wine,
    Fresh, for us to dine.

    And as our hearts intertwine,
    I look forward to the day you’ll be forever mine.
    Because with you sunshine;
    Everyday is a valentine.


  • tekxsdagr8 89w

    Normal madness

    He said, hey sugar;
    I’d love to take you out to dinner,
    Can I be your lover?
    Hope you won’t make me bitter?.
    By the way I have a cute sister,
    Incase you don’t do brothers,
    I said to me,
    Tekena, you need to stay off Twitter.