I warned myself

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  • tejasveenagar 45w

    The voice within

    The voice within me reminds me,
    Of how everything is drifting.
    But I see no sand slipping away,
    Instead I see the water taking things that it loves,
    And returning the ones that we burdened on him.
    Isn't the sea quite rational?
    On the beach I want to stay,
    Not waiting to soak in the sun,
    Not waiting to spend hours looking at it visiting my older mates from a town across seas.

    But I want to leave it to the moment,
    And let the sounds consume me.
    It is tough to find your peace in this world,
    But I glide away easily.
    Slowly realising I am in love with the blues.
    And the voice within says 'Yes, you are.'
    Sometimes I realise it is better to not give answers.
    If I resolve them,
    The sand would maybe slip away.
    For once and all,
    I leave the spell.
    I leave the call,
    I leave everything.
    Because at the moment,
    I have to fall.
    I have to not reason.
    And at the end leave all the said words,

    And let all the unheard calm,
    Linger on my skin.
    As the water of the seas washes everything,
    But not who I am meant to be.
    It adds a bit of salt to my life,
    A layer of salt that is needed to bring up the taste to the moments there was nothing,
    But a non existent burn on my tongue,
    That vanished everything but never let me recognise,
    The screams of the voice within,
    "You love the blues,
    You stay that way."
    And I did,
    Become a sinful combination of voices and calmness.

  • tejasveenagar 47w

    And once again there was rambling!

    Are you talking to your toy?
    Are you looking at the sky?
    Why won't I remember anything when I grow up?
    I will help you.
    No, you won't! You will confuse me.

    (And once again there was rambling...)
    The child fought with the world,
    To see how close can two leaves be!
    To get to paint what the others could never see!
    But don't shout at him for being different!
    Please stop!

    (And once again there was rambling,
    While the last one would be when the shadows would dance around.
    Too late for the morrow.
    Too late for the anguish to have build up sorrow)

  • tejasveenagar 47w

    Once again there was rambling!

    //Please let me describe?
    But you would end up rambling.//
    Do you know that the leaves rustle when they hold each other?
    How intimate!
    //Get to the goddamn point.//
    Do you know how the child looks outside from his cradle as he hears the rustling?
    //What do you mean to say?//
    Here, no one is listening to the sound of the leaves.
    There is a moment before you finally realise that he is playing with the little hangings over his cradle trying to reach it.
    //But if you keep on changing the topic and rambling they will leave.//
    A child's language could not be understood by me and you.
    // No one is forever young, unless you display.//
    While instead of debating, can I weep and sob.
    //People use tears to prove their point.//
    Would you say it to the child who had just learnt to mutter.
    //You are rambling once again.//
    (And they raised their voice, a tone higher)
    But are you so heartless or is the child "indisciplined"
    //You make no sense.//
    Make the child learn or else he will never follow what you did as a kid.
    Let him create an imagina for once.

  • tejasveenagar 72w

    Back after days. I couldn't find my way through my words. Was lost. Now that I am back, I know I would be back, and never leave the place which inspired Mr to write

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    What I know

    1: Me
    2:The one who walks through a garden, finding hope and finds you.
    3: I look away, but the beauty of the sun giving its light to the flower already fluttered me.
    4: The sweetest details.
    5: The lake that reflects crystal clear endeavour.
    6: I won't meet you at the same park someday
    7: One-day?
    8: City lights.
    9: Aren't as calm as the coherence of chirps!
    10: I have captured the existing chaos in my Polaroid,
    11: No one pauses, the city just moves.
    12: I want to be back to the park.
    13: Detailing and reflecting.
    14: Watching the blue bicycle and leaving handwritten notes into the basket.
    15: The flower girls.
    16: Getting a tiara near the park bench.
    17: The desolate bench is now left.
    18: Less than a puddle of hope I jumped upon.
    19: Something I must have known earlier.
    20: I admire the radiance and the cool.
    21: You being yourself.
    22: Enjoying the tiny change in whatever exists.
    23: You would have watched the last leaf sweep away everything.
    24: Winters downtown here are dedicated to people at the metro.
    25: The have air conditioners freezing my soul
    26: Is the only snow cuffed mountain at the park!
    27: Camp nights.
    28: Warm hands onto the fireplace.
    29: Warm eyes and the person behind the making of the tiara.
    30: Everything.
    31: Except the lonely stations.
    32: That pass away, and notice no change.
    33: The speed of the train by now.
    34: What I would have wanted to know earlier.
    35: Now what makes me stay there at the park, while sitting on a section of seat.
    36: I want to be back.

  • tejasveenagar 85w

    This is an amazing challenge @thesparklingpoetry#your_universe_chall #azure#mirakee Hope that I did justice to the image.
    Pic Credit to the rightful owner

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    Distinct Lovers

    We are different dear, it is now clear.
    I fear the dark, those voices you hear.

    How could you look into the eyes of the sun,
    Dont they cause you a burn?

    The soul it lights up, here I say.
    The beauty that lies in the day.

    I contradict,the soothy night,
    Is more than enough for a reader's delight!

    Oh dear! Keeping up so busy,
    Your sympathy are the stars , it isnt easy?

    Countless hopes through the first rays,
    Through the clear water, I can reflect my face.

    Where night stands for my unknown,
    The day has the seeds of my future sown.

    We are different to an unbelievable extent,
    I would wait for an eclispe you wait for a crescent.

    For when we meet,
    The definitions of Parallels would change.
    There would be no range,
    For acceptance.
    As we would swiftly dance,
    To the hummings of the nightangle.
    The adieu song of the sparrow.
    We wait for a tomorrow.
    We wait for the horizon.
    To cherish the distinct lovers.

  • tejasveenagar 86w

    I couldn't see the road,
    Being the torchbearer,
    I was obliged to walk forward,
    Towards the one light which drawed me.

  • tejasveenagar 86w

    Just for a glance!

    I guess I had overdosed,
    Some amount of nostalgia.
    Peacekeepers carrying expressions,
    Down the memory lane.
    We sat reminiscing.
    The gladly chaotic voice,
    Trembled and creeped within.
    Eyes soaked akin.
    The space between us,
    Be temporary.
    Yet could have accompanied.
    Thousands of stars and planets.
    In their symphony.
    They relinquish our story.
    Wish ego was'nt our enemy,
    Though it dived into our veins.
    We couldn't find the deep cut,
    It wasn't external,
    We decided to,
    Just overlook the stances.
    As for us, it was just by chance.
    Maybe just for a glance.

  • tejasveenagar 90w

    I know this ending is pretty weird,but couldnt think of a better one. Ps: I admire the novel "Romeo and Juilet" too much and this wasnt an aim to spoil it,but to get my side to it.@carolyns_challenges. Another beautiful challenge Ma'am

    They survived!
    His eyes caught hers,
    The mask would show off,
    With that beautifully adorned gown,
    She had her smile as her crown.
    Was he a fickle lover,
    Or her beauty frolicked all.
    Dissolved was she too.
    In his eyes,painting their destiny.
    Just as he ran.
    Like a prisoner,
    She questioned "Who was the good one,who melted thy heart?"
    Her Nanny said "Oh darling!",
    "Sworn enemy was he,of our kingdom."
    She dejectly stood at the balcony,
    Took out words 'Oh Romeo,Wherefore art thou Romeo'
    He appeared to assure that he would never leave,
    No promises of the moon, a new change does it always weave.
    They became a soul from two.
    Great difficulty through,
    Poisons and tragedy,
    The story admired the lovers.
    To unite and rely.
    We happily relive the great ballad.
    While the two lovers, never died.
    They survived,
    And escaped within the gardens of soliloquy,
    Where none would contemplate them,
    In their lovestruck flowers,
    Would reject them.

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    His eyes caught hers,
    The mask would show off,
    With that beautifully adorned gown,
    She had her smile as her crown.
    Was he a fickle lover,
    Or her beauty frolicked all.
    Dissolved was she too.
    In his eyes,painting their destiny

  • tejasveenagar 91w

    Lets dress the earth back,green.

  • tejasveenagar 91w

    It is quite strange ,that in the hour of our crisis,no one hears us. I happened to watch Mahabharata on television today,and it is quite obvious that I want to talk about the same which I happened to watch today.However,this might go quite controversial so I might not blame anyone just pose few scenarios which left me numb!
    As we all know the Epic has many situations which support the cause of Dharma,and the great knowledge gainers who spoke numbness,just because Yudhistir lost Draupadi while gambling?Is she a resource?Are his brothers too? While watching the same ,I felt teary eyed,when my ears would listen the treachery dialogues by Karna(while that is what I saw,many different authors got it different)I summoned the entire situation ,as the present day situation.While Lord Krishna saving her respect,and they still. She was right ,how could the one who lost himself put her on stake. This question posed the entire queries to the mind. Symbolising we still keep numb at different places,where we got wrong.They were an insight to it. Yet none spoke!Even when betting their own brothers or wife would be right!This would clearly feel as I am pointing out many religious sentiments,but no!I do not aim at doing that.I simply wanted to keep it to the point. That when the same,would happen in today's world.The spectators would be the same,someday the questions you pose upon her would tremble the soul,but she may curse you and you will know what you did was not right.Lord Krishna ,stood as the pillar of saving her respect.Here,we know where all went wrong!Just in case gambling wasnt the right to the wrong.
    Please Pardon me if this anyhow feels to be insensitve.But this is quite sensitive ,and I relatively feel that it

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    The query that pertained.