A hot cup of joe brings joy!Love juggling words to express wiggling thoughts!

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  • tejaaswini_narendra 208w

    He gifted her favourite chocolate.

    She preserved the wrapper forever!

  • tejaaswini_narendra 210w


    What is freedom?

    "Don't be out late."
    "7pm we shut the gate!"
    "Don't wear short skirts"
    "It's a sin to flirt!"
    "Don't raise your voice!"
    "Priorities ain't your choice!"
    "For your hymen is scared"
    "And you darling, are taken for granted!"
    "He's superior to you!"
    "Sorry your individuality is screwed!"

    Is this what freedom is?


  • tejaaswini_narendra 210w


    Tic toc tic-
    Popped the blue tick,
    Glued to the screen,
    Waiting for the reply keen!
    Re-reading conversations-
    Dying in devastation,
    Reaching your saturation,
    Screeching with frustration!
    He's making someone smile,
    While you're estranged in an isle-
    An isle of memories-
    Realising the change of priorities!

  • tejaaswini_narendra 210w


    The fall of night-
    The dawn of knight!
    Clad in a shinning amour- 
    Comes with a ting of humor!
    "Life's a white lie-
    For you must know to ski"!
    Promises were many-
    Now they seem funny!
    We would be there for you they said-
    Fakeness,dishonesty,unloyalty got me laid!
    Whom do I trust?
    For everyone loves to be the cheesy crust!
    Once friends who shared the platter-
    Now don't fail to flatter!
    Whom do I love?
    For none are as faithful as a dove!
    How do I move on?
    For all my strength's gone!
    The warmth of a hug-
    The bliss of a smile-
    All these replaced by solitude!
    Wounds heal with time-
    But will they give back my shine?
    Questions are a bunch-
    Answers are mystical-
    For my life is IRONICAL!