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  • teenwrites2001 4w

    I am left in pieces
    -Bhavya Ahuja

    "That was the day when the reality stood infront of me .I was broken into pieces ,pieces of anger,disgust ,pain .It felt like I lost myself ,the soul disappeared from the body .The haunting ashes surfaced the mind ."
    She felt numb ,disgusted and the world turned upside down for her .Her life turned gloomy and the road got blurry.
    The incident told place when she was home ,her husband tied a piece of cloth around her neck ,she choked and resented.She tried to come back to normality but in that while only she was raped,raped becaused she resented.
    The investigation shows that he was stressed at workplace and couldn't find a way to relieve the stress and there he lost mind,raped his wife.
    The in-laws wanted to keep it lowkey because afterall it was the family's reputation .
    She had to be silent and each day she was mentally tortured because she slept with the same human over and over .Because of family's reputation?
    She no longer accepted herself,she no longer loved herself ,she was scared .It was dark and lonely .She wanted to scream but couldn't .She wanted to run away but couldn't .She was torn ,pieces by pieces .tears held upon her .
    The reality has to change.She couldn't be gloomy anymore.What would she do next?

  • teenwrites2001 17w

    Sometimes I don't want to feel.It takes lot of strength to feel and then to go empty

  • teenwrites2001 27w

    All I know about love
    The music I have heard
    The emotions I felt wondering the feelings in lyrics
    I have felt the lyrics ,the music,lived in the fantasies
    I know the scent of flowers displaying love
    I have seen the places talking about love ,the places giving you happiness
    I have seen tears,I have seen a smile
    I have seen tears and a smile ,they talk about love
    I have seen people writing letters
    ,I have seen deep feelings bought to lips ,all in the feeling called love
    I have had blush ,tears,smile ,increased heartbeats all in the name of love

  • teenwrites2001 28w

    The days aren't gloomy
    We are turning gloomy
    Much before the souls met
    Today just bodies meet
    The uncured depression is deep inside
    The dead smile is shallow outside
    The fears are buried
    The confessions are hidden
    The sadists are growing
    The heart is shrinking
    The world is knowingly ours
    Yet we don't belong here
    Emos are hidden
    Sensablility is lost
    This generation needs to speak
    Or we shall shrink

  • teenwrites2001 29w

    Mutual understanding
    True confessions
    True feelings
    Efforts to keep things going are underrated

  • teenwrites2001 29w

    We all can look for pleasure but not passion
    Those are rare who look for connection over the

  • teenwrites2001 29w

    We all want somebody to stick to us ,not to give up on us and we tend to find it hard to find such people for us.But can't we be the first ones not to give us on our people.Instead of expecting them not to give up on us ,can we keep a constant check on them ,give constant reassurance,love and let them expect that we can hold them all times they fall ?
    Maybe these people only reciprocate someday.

  • teenwrites2001 29w


    People ,their presence ,their essence can't be lost .Moments become memories and memories can't faint.

    We meet a lot of people in this journey.Lot of them come into our lives by themselves and then leave constructing a void in our lives,later the void is filled by the memories.We usually talk that nothing is forever ,everything is transient but are memories transient?
    Do we ever forget our childhood moments with our friends, cousins and other people?These moments just become memories,the moments that can hit us at any moment of our lives.
    For instance,you are reading a novel and suddenly you remember somebody and are able to associate the character with one of the beings in your lives.
    Maybe one day you visit a place where you used to hang out with your close ones and then you get remembered of them.All the moments in that very present shall hit us as memories.
    Maybe someone you are reading a story and it hits you because it is lot retable to your past ,there is when memories hit you
    At times,we have a certain strong urge to talk to somebody we used you and because we don't have them right now ,we shall hit back to the memories we made with them.
    In all,the moments become memories anyday and they are never going to leave you
    There is nobody more honest and promising a forever to you rather than the memories

  • teenwrites2001 30w

    Be proud of the situations you face today,they are bringing ease to you tomorrow.If you went through some bad shit,this tells you not to trust morons.If someone's words disappoint you today,it's a sign to trust actions tomorrow.One need to go through the shit ,you get better tomorrow.Today you loose a chance,tomorrow you owe a better one.You are vulnerable,tomorrow your vulnerablity is your strength.Today you lose some making you gain some better tomorrow.

  • teenwrites2001 30w