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  • teaturtle 66w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Forward

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    Stuck in quicksand, but calm thy mind and break free

  • teaturtle 68w

    The 17th

    Numbers are trivial things
    But your life is a bottomless well
    Penny for your thoughts
    I know you have much to tell
    Daisy chains for your hair
    And sunflowers taped on your pages
    For the one whose smile is bright
    And whose love is reserved as moonshine
    Numbers are trivial things
    But your life is a good aged wine.

  • teaturtle 68w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Path

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    crossroads i carve with rusty hands, where do i go?

  • teaturtle 69w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Remind

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    pain, you let me down again

  • teaturtle 69w


    #Stranded #mirakee

    in the cusp of wanting to break free
    from old moulds and mildew
    lamenting in broken teacups

    i'm stranded
    caught in the mundane
    born into nothing
    i aim to find something
    in silver key chains and
    alabaster figurines

    pocket me and
    take me

  • teaturtle 70w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word micro-tale on Envy

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    Envy was watching the sunflowers thrive, while darkness engulfed me

  • teaturtle 70w


    Happiness for me lies in abstract snapshots; a rustic cabin in the forest, waiting for my coffee to brew, the sound of leaves crunching below my feet.

    A seaside view. Sunbeams through trees. The soothing sound of a typewriter. A lover’s affection. The pleasant tiredness in my bones, evenings after work winding down and drinking. Raindrops illuminated by the lamp post outside.


  • teaturtle 70w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Plethora

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    Abundance, like stars

  • teaturtle 70w


    there is something

    like a desperate laugh

    in my chest

    as i wake up to the

    mundane cries

    of suburban dysfunction

    as i continue to chatter

    with simple minds

    who know not the

    the wild roses climbing

    in my brain matter

    thorns tucked away

    make way for the lovely

    observe the petty gossip

    melting in distasteful instant coffee

    mornings shared with

    raucous conversations enough

    to chase away the pretty songbirds

    there is something like pain

    in my eyes

    as the sunlight paints the

    air just right to

    make it crystal clear

    that this

    Is reality

    and dreams fall away

    like flesh from bones.


  • teaturtle 71w


    #farewell #Mirakee @writersnetwork

    Back to when we wore daisy chains and flower crowns, honeysuckle smiles. Little children on the swing sets, flying off to the moon and back. Back to when the iridescent bubbles made us happier than happy, popping soap suds with our fingertips, the transience never taken to heart-

    As we grow we leave behind catching dragonflies and drawing graffiti on the furniture, and our simple hearts become as complex as the intricacies of the universe. Blue cosmos and caricatures, poetical tongues tinged with philosophy.

    We never whisper farewell to youth, as we leave it like a shirt outgrown, or a robin's egg blue scarf fraying at the ends

    As time rolls like pencil shavings, we can only hope to keep a coin purse full of it-whimsy, dreams, curiosity...