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  • teamie_yusuf 10w

    So you let them fall,
    Pretty tears down your cheeks
    As further away you watched me walk
    And I never really leave
    Memories in your darkened mind,
    Kindness in your shattered heart,
    We were becoming the dreams you'd die to live
    While I was just the bitter half,
    The devil's heart beneath my ribs,
    The forbidden fruit that tastes better,
    Facade of heaven
    And you wouldn't see,
    Pretty tears down your cheeks
    I wouldn't want to see
    But every tear down your cheeks,
    Every sigh, every frail flutter
    Of your watery eyes
    Keeps my frozen heart warm
    But you stay, and those pretty tears
    My dear, shall again fall.

  • teamie_yusuf 12w

    And if again at dawn we speak
    Of emotions, of thoughts, memories,
    Of us and all between,
    If once again I peer my eyes in yours
    Let, I pray, despair within me.
    We're angels and demons,
    Truth and curses.

  • teamie_yusuf 16w


    If one last time I could hear you
    David dear, just for a second to see you,
    Touch you, hold you in my arms
    Hug you tight, let some tears out
    And whisper.

    I know we promised forever
    But I guess mine is done
    And I hate the thought of it
    But the living has to move on,
    Dear lover, find another make her glad,
    Become a father
    And I hate the thought of it,
    She'll be the mom I was supposed to be.

    I remember your watery eyes
    At my bedside, almost midnight,
    I was cold, battling cancer,
    Death, closer than ever and you saw it
    But the smile on your face, a heaven,
    On earth, a heaven I wish to stay
    And I heard your whisper,
    I'd kill to hear it once again.

    Your grip felt lighter, I felt lighter,
    My pain all faded and, I was better
    But you looked shaken, you shouted,
    Your voice quavering.
    "I'm here David", I was better,
    You couldn't see, I couldn't feel,
    You didn't hear me either,
    Wasn't even looking at me, in tears,
    I followed your stare, saw my body,
    Breathless, eyes open, lifeless.
    For a second death felt good
    Until it took me from you,
    I wish, I could whisper for a second,
    Maybe two, "I love you".

  • teamie_yusuf 21w

    Love to me looks like two people
    Liquor soaked or drug stoned
    Feeling high
    Dancing naked on the streets of New York
    Bare footed on Madson lane
    Star gazing at about 12 pm
    Underneath a rainbow dipped sky
    With smiles dropping as rain
    On a strawberry filled hill

    Love is but a dream where
    We sail the skies on skateboards
    A trip to heaven's doors
    The sun sets not at nightfall
    Picnic on the moon and dinner
    With the sun as our heart's eternal
    Fumes of ecstacy burn
    Caramel tears on our cheeks with sighs
    Love is but a dream in our minds

  • teamie_yusuf 22w

    If memories were painkillers
    I'd be the numbest to aches
    If we could relive the past
    I wouldn't dare meet you again
    'Cause you were my all
    While my rue was poising
    And the memories were pills
    That now burns like the poison

    If kisses heals
    It'd be a subtle balm
    If I could rewrite my wrongs
    I wouldn't be the mess that I am
    Cause you still are my light
    My very guardian angel at night
    Now the kisses are memories
    That now burns deeper on this scar

  • teamie_yusuf 23w

    Every night in my dream
    I see you
    And not just this
    I feel you
    So, take my hands
    Take all of me
    when you hold me
    I know it's a charade
    I don't mind
    Since nobody listens anymore

    Just this one other time
    Hold my hand,
    Before the morning sun shines,
    Let's live this dream.
    For long have I longed
    To hold you here,
    Gaze in your eyes, inhale your breath.
    The only sweetness in my tragedy
    Is you here with me
    In this one last dream.

  • teamie_yusuf 24w

    Swim the galaxies
    Soar the seas
    From birth to all
    Eternities for you I'd walk
    Till all I see is in your eyes
    But "rest" she whispers
    "You're human" she says "peace"

  • teamie_yusuf 27w

    Be my sun, my light
    My moon, at night
    Be the judiciary to my rights
    And my ignition at the darkest sights.

    Be to me, indispensable,
    The ease, when drowned in distress
    And when I dine with the devil
    Be, I pray, my guardian angel.

  • teamie_yusuf 27w

    In your arms I want to be
    Held, in the dark, muttering, nippy
    Nights. Just us as in these dreams
    From which I hate to wake, for tendrils
    I shall need to hold my soul in place.
    I quake beneath your breath, and
    In your bosom, my happy place
    But in these nippy nights I wake, and
    Just me, alone, again.

  • teamie_yusuf 39w