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  • tea_diva 160w


    As the sun goes down
    Falling asleep behind the strong trees
    Standing as soldiers in an unmoving row
    I sit on our favorite spot
    Scanning the horizons of loneliness.
    Remembering how it was your custom
    To fall asleep with your head on my chest
    While I stroke my fingers
    Through your long black silky hair
    How did I let you slip out of my grasp?
    Why did I think I could do without you?
    Yes! I said I'll be fine without you
    But I know that it is false.
    My heart races at every thought of you
    For the record, it races 24hours everyday
    So much that it lost its fitness
    Lover! Come back to me
    Let me hold your hand as we watch the sun
    Rest her chin right behind her favorite soldiers
    Stay here with me
    Wrapped in my embrace.

  • tea_diva 182w

    My lot of the world's perversion

    "If you are kind, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Be kind anyway"

    How the world has become perverted
    So perverted that even when you are sincere
    No one gives you their trust.
    We say "trust no one!"

    We claim "everyone is the same"
    "Each fighting for his own belly".
    But kind people do exist.
    Their kindness, shadowed by the distrust of men.

    We can't be friends with whom we want
    Because they are scared to trust us
    Even when we had agreed to terms and conditions,
    They are scared that we'd breach it


  • tea_diva 182w

    Sexual purity

    Forget it!
    It's old-fashioned!
    I mean, no one thinks sexual purity in this century.
    Wake up buddy!
    There's plenty of things to enjoy
    Outside this thing you rant about.
    Enjoy your youth while it lasts

    It's a poison! A delicious one.
    My mind is made.
    I won't lick the hot soup in haste
    I can't afford to lose my tongue
    Call me old-schooled or archaic
    Ain't going back


  • tea_diva 192w


    Career says keep running,
    Profession: don't stop aiming!
    Even as I stare at the books,
    I just wish I could embrace you.

    Oh! How I love you
    To have always in my bosom!
    Do we have to wait till dark
    Before your subtle touch caress my cheek?

    Even when you come at night,
    I can't dare to have all of you
    Cos there's candle to burn
    And books to churn.


  • tea_diva 194w

    Nature's ode to civilization

    (I miss myself before man)

    The sun, yellow and smiling;
    Seas, blue and serene;
    Plants green with a touch of their flowery colors;
    Clouds, gathering and the beautiful rainbow!

    Everything left since man came to be.
    I longed to have man,
    Hoping he'd enhance my beauty.
    Instead, he kills me bits by bit.
    Man, filled with joy for his innovations;
    I weep, knowing that it is my destruction.

    Roads and houses, bridges and highways;
    All used to be colorful fields.
    But now they spew sorrow and destruction.
    What shall I do?
    I am dying in the hands of man whom I loved.


  • tea_diva 194w

    The Sunflower

    What words would suit,
    Which description is fit
    For the sun, yellow and smiling
    Seducing the sunflower to be so loving?

    Oh! Love! The one who teaches the flower meekness
    To meekly turn towards the sun's Highness
    Following all of her movements.
    And ignoring other's comments

    Awaiting the sun, she faces the east
    Singing praises that the sun's not a beast.
    At the slightest drop, cries with gloom
    Forgetting that both the water and the sun are needed for her to bloom.


  • tea_diva 202w

    I WAS.

    Is anybody gonna help me find me?
    I'm lost within myself!
    There used to be sugar in the tea
    And books on the shelf

    Yes! I was
    Now! I'm lost
    Identity cards in my purse
    But its all past

    I was!
    There used to be a me
    Firm in words
    Certain in actions
    Sure in decisions

    Now, I'm shaken and unsure
    Overwhelmed with fear
    Where am I?
    I need to find me....

  • tea_diva 217w

    Why me?

    All that glitters is not gold? Well, at least they glitter what about those that don’t glitter at all?
    I once heard someone say ‘what you have others are praying for it and what you’re praying for others have’.
    Here’s me, a secondary school drop-out. It’s not the end of life? I’m not the first? Yes, I agree. My mother couldn’t afford my fees and upkeep after sss1 when we lost my dad to the cold hands of death. Different banks came to inform us of the things dad used as collateral with them. The only things we thought we had were taken over by the banks. Now, at fifteen I’m carrying a baby whose father I don’t even know. I was promiscuous? No! I’m just one of the unlucky victims of teenage rape.
    As the only child of my mum and late father I have to fend for a pregnant me, and my sick mother. And someone said I should be thankful. For what?
    Since some people are praying for the baby why can’t they just be the ones carrying it? Why me?


  • tea_diva 217w


    You are old enough to do this.
    Aren't you too old for that?
    You can't do this yet
    You're to young to make such decision.

    Isn't age just a number?
    I'm not too young or old
    I can do anything when I want to
    Why is there an expectation on every of our age?

    Is there an age restriction for death?
    If there is, maybe we really should be age-restricted
    But there isn't! So give me space.
    I really want to do things at my pace.

  • tea_diva 217w

    I won't.

    Neither because of your charm
    They say charm is deceitful.
    Nor for your pleasing face
    Beauty could fade

    Neither because you are rich
    What effect has money on the soul?
    Nor for your amazing musculature
    Couldn't any idiot go to the gym?

    Neither because you are famous
    There's a million other famous men.
    Nor for your quaint humour
    I could always listen to a comedian.

    Even if the world thinks we're compatible
    They could say you were made for me
    Or that I was made for you.
    For none of these will I marry you!

    Only for the genuineness of our love.
    Only if we find our love in Christ
    And Christ finds His love in us
    Then, will I marry you.