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  • tashi_choden 21w

    "I love you..." I trailed.

    He smiled without humor in his eyes. "Or maybe you're just sad again."

    I was halted, chest hallowed in aches. I looked him in the eye as he slowly took a deep breath.

    "You see, you only figure out that you love me when you're like this — sad and disconnected to the world. You only love me when you feel as though everything is close to slipping your fingers again. When you're second away from hitting rock bottom. You only love me because I am your escape. I am your go-to destination when life fucks you hard all over again. So, you don't love me at all. You don't love me at all and just perceive me as someone who can always tolerate your sadness and then, perhaps, mistaken it for love."

    — Ai Entero

  • tashi_choden 25w

    "I dont have the right to miss you
    When I chose to walk away,
    Yet I do"

    Come tell me
    I am an old soul and that I should be proud

    Come tell me
    I am calm and that you like it

    Come tell me
    You have an ego heavier than I know

    Come tell me
    You are insecure and childish

    Come tell me
    That I should mow the lawn

    Come tell me
    You love me more than I do

    Come tell me
    You will drive me away to star gaze

    Come tell me
    About the gloves and how its a plausible argument

    Come tell me
    About the word "bottoms up" and how it is irrelevant

    Because when we went our ways
    You didnt tell me any of this
    All over again.

  • tashi_choden 34w

    Beyond words

    We sat across from eachother
    In a cafe
    Talking about things like we always do
    We drank a bottle of wine
    A fine exquisite wine
    Turns out we are both a cheap drunk
    I wanted to spill the cards on the table
    So I cleared my throat
    Only to realize the words wont come out
    I looked at him
    Like one looks at stars at night
    Full of profound pride
    Was it always this hard?
    I pondered over this stupid thought
    And as quickly as it came
    The words dissipated
    I put down the glass

    Who needs word? She smiled
    We are in love
    We are a fine hand woven mitten
    For all it matters.

  • tashi_choden 47w


    She asked me not to die.
    I wish miracles worked!

  • tashi_choden 53w

    Cute perfect gloves

    Will you atleast count the stars with me?

  • tashi_choden 54w


    Can you stay?

  • tashi_choden 59w


    The ghosts that once killed me disappeared. Who knew they been hiding all this time?
    They have been lurking around, searching for a good time to come out.
    And they decided, cold winter midnights are the best time.
    So here I am, battling my failure again, falling apart and hoping to rise again.

  • tashi_choden 75w

    More than your dinner

    I dont talk much but when I do, its not about how your day is going or what you ate for dinner. I wanna talk about things that broke your heart, about the next door snore that disturbs your sleep, about the conversation you eavesdropped in the taxi, about the love that never worked out, about the nights that kept you thinking, about the clothes you saw through a window, about the sex you fantasize, about the stranger you fell in love with, about the house you wanna own, about the books you are planning to read, about the times that made u want to give up, about the times you hurt someone, about the mosquitoes that bit you, about the night queen that hurt your nose, about the nights you got drunk, about how you fit like a mitten with someone special, about the future that is so weak, about everything else but not how you are doing. Because I wanna know more than just your how-about.

  • tashi_choden 76w


    Because all he knew about her was through her tears

  • tashi_choden 78w

    Things that are not aesthetic

    "How do you want to live your new life?" A queer voice from within asked her.
    She tucked the strands of hair behind her delicate ears and lost her gaze. She stared through the space and finally looked up. "I wish he would forget and forgive the life I once lived." She answered with a quiver in her voice. "But why?" The voice insisted. "Because I love him and if he cant forgive my past, I cant reconcile with it either." She gave out a weak smile.