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  • tashachimz 78w

    In My Head

    I tell myself it’s all in my head

    How you call to me in my dreams

    Where I re-live the love we once shared

    Where those sparks crackle

    And dead fires of desire rekindle

    I tell myself it’s all in my head

    Tha all that we once had is gone

    I would rather believe this instead

    That in your garden

    I am no longer a treasured rose

    That you left me… forgotten… I wilted

    I tell myself that

    For what else can i tell my heart…

    When it questions why we are apart

    How am I to explain

    This deep yearning… This pain…

    It’s all in my head

    That reason is easier to accept

    Than the idea that you are my soulmate

    That you are the one the heavens, for me, had made

    From the first time we met

    Standing in that hallway

    I felt this deep ache

    A push, A pull to stand right next to you

    I tried to tame my heart but it disobeyed

    So each time it asked why you left

    I simply said… It’s all in my head


  • tashachimz 141w

    Copyright Tashachimz

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    I am not ready!"
    I screamed as the crown was placed upon me
    As time kept ticking forcing me to let go of childish things
    I am not ready
    I begged but time wouldn't slow down for me
    Tick tock tick, it went on
    Bringing with it more responsibility
    So I bolted, I ran
    Into the arms of disobedience and procrastination
    And there I met so-called peace and relief
    Broke all the rules and forgot about deadlines
    Lost my hold on life, Little did I realize...
    I gave up on climbing up
    And happily went down the slippery slope
    Misguidedly screamed, "This is freedom!"
    I let the world have its way
    Until the arrival of a dark day
    When Consequences came banging on my door
    demanding that I answer forcing me to know
    That in my bid to win, I had actually lost
    I wondered around aimlessly
    Till I found Wisdom
    Till she grabbed me by the shoulders
    and sternly she whispered
    "It's not too late,
    Go back and regain your kingdom,
    But remember time waits for no one."

  • tashachimz 141w

    copyright tashachimz

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    The Hate That You Give

    The hate that you give
    When you use the power to lie, to deceive
    When you betray and mislead
    Do you realize the vicious cycle you create?
    The pain, the hurt that you spread?
    How you're killing all the kindness
    How it's all given birth to rage
    Turning it into a 'tit for tat game'
    How the good hearts have turned to black
    How they lay awake at night plotting revenge
    How some would rather have it all end
    How they decide to stop beating
    Because you decided to act selfishly
    Manipulating for your own well-being
    Do you see...?
    The hate that you give

  • tashachimz 184w

    When your soul finds the soul it was waiting for... when someone walks into your heart through an open door... when your hand finds the hand it was meant to hold, don't let go - Heart by Heart_Demi Lovato
    @tashachimz @muskan_potter @soundshack @writersnetwork @patriciahurt @tyrion2 @flirtyfeelings @krishna99 @arabis @lovelines

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    The Spoon

    I trust you
    I do
    Like i never have before
    I love you
    Its true
    Everyday i feel that pull
    You love me
    I know
    Oh, this feeling is magical!!

  • tashachimz 186w


    She used them
    She used them all
    It was the sight of their pain
    In which she revelled
    That earth shattering sound
    Brought her joy so profound
    She threw a feast
    In victory of another conquest

    Kings were brought to their knees
    And kingdoms fell apart
    Her wicked game, she never ceased
    In her wake, she left broken hearts

    Seduction was her weapon of choice
    Her curvilinear body and her pleasing voice
    She turned and towards him she looked
    His heart flattered, she smiled and he was doomed.

    She warned him
    Told him not to get too close
    But he was stubborn
    Wanting her for himself
    She was his desire
    He believed it was all real
    Like a moth to a fire
    His fate was sealed

    She wrapped him in her spell
    And he believed all was well
    He failed to see
    Her toxicity
    Killing slowly
    Worming its way
    Leaving decay
    In its wake

    She was a nightmare
    Dressed like a daydream
    And he was drowning
    But he let her in

    Over and over
    She raids and she plunders
    Again and again
    She brings pain.

  • tashachimz 187w


    Yes, I have a tongue
    Doesn't mean that I can speak
    Speak of the demons that torment me down deep
    They slander me with insecurity
    Remind me of the terrible things
    That happened to me
    I try to scream, I try to fight
    But they keep shutting out the light
    I dont speak, i have learnt
    That they will leave me if i am silent

  • tashachimz 189w

    She Sang Of Pain

    She sang of pain
    Of how he beat her
    Over and over again
    She sang of despair
    Of how he would leave her
    Locked up in his lair

    His tongue was a fire
    That burned her really deep
    The hatred in his sneer
    Always made her weep

    Chained, beaten,broken
    Is what he did to her
    Bashed till she shattered
    Without lifting a finger

    All he needed was words
    And she would crumble to dust
    They'd cut through like swords
    From dawn to dusk

    I am worthless she thought
    I cant do a thing
    This is all my fault
    Thats why he hates me.

    Till she said enough is enough

  • tashachimz 190w

    Love is the song I sing

    Love is the song I sing
    Along to the melody that you bring
    A beautiful symphony
    A sound filled with harmony
    It entices, it draws me in

    In your arms is where i wanna be
    Its warm
    Its home
    It sets me free
    A love so real, its inspiring
    That others see
    And are drawn to it

    It has felt surreal, since we began
    Capturing us into our own world
    Filling us with a joy that we question

    Do we deserve it?
    Have we earned it?
    Yes my love
    That and more
    Sent from above
    To make us feel whole

    He knew our tears
    All the desperate prayers
    All the cries and screams we made
    Every single one of them, he heard
    And this plan he created

    My prayer now is we have more months ahead
    Because I have so much love that hasn't been shared
    So many things that I haven't said
    I remember it all like yesterday
    That  fated day we met

  • tashachimz 190w


    Yes I have withdrawn.
    Because that time we were close is long gone
    So don't expect me to sigh and swoon
    I have long since moved on

  • tashachimz 191w

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    No, I dont hate you
    Boy i wish you well
    Bare no grudges against you
    I moved on a while ago

    So don't move around burdened
    Thinking 'bout the heart you left broken
    The memories i will keep
    And the lessons that they teach
    Our story has come to an end
    I'm flipping to the next page
    And i think... you should do the same