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  • taraaaaaa 16w


    You told if there was someone else in your place they would have left me long back right?? .
    Just because I fed the demons in me a little too much .

    You told me everyone hates me for the way I protect myself. .
    But.. I never knew being myself was so wrong.

    The darkness in me swallows all the daylight .
    I don't know if this Storm of chaos in me will ever calm down .
    I don't know if I can ever clean up the blemishes .

    The demons in me eat me only Alive .
    Do you think it would be fair to let them eat you up too??

    I love living in this nightmare
    But I don't think you deserved it...

    So.... This time I just left silently...... .

  • taraaaaaa 16w


    Hello...!!!!coffee people this is for us...
    Cold or hot
    Strong or little light
    Day, noon or night
    Don't you think it's just a cup of coffee
    That gives us.. Lots and lots off glee..

    Hope for something better .
    Warmth during chilly winter.
    Best companion during all the time .
    Only thing which we crave for everytime .

    Isn't it???

    I wonder if this tiny cup holds an ocean of magical nectar filled with star dust ..
    Stirring with a swizzle stick..
    When it is just slurped down it passes waves of happy vibes through the veins.!!

    You are undeniably divine
    You are a calm provider to a mind drowning in chaos
    It is you whom I can choose over anything and everything ,no matter anytime or even everytime!!!!
    Undoubtedly . You will remain the best all the time.!!

  • taraaaaaa 16w

    I can't unlove you!

    Remember everytime you made that paperboat
    Without a blink i would watch it float
    Because you told our love would never sink..

    Nights now are achingly longer
    My hopes of you returning back are no more stronger..
    You replaced my photo behind the cards
    and slid hers in the front
    But did you really replace me in that heart?

    Ew, cooking i hate it was what you told
    When we together made lasagna
    I saw you today feeding her
    asking her how it tasted
    with your flour coated dainty hands , watching with an innocent pout .
    Oh god ! my heart even today skips a beat
    That was how you had charmed me into your trap right?

    Days have passed and I know you wouldnt return
    but I still find our ghosts here and there
    laughing and fighting.
    and guess what I saw today
    It was a moment of steely silence, with a blurred vision
    Gasping for air, I stood without a blink
    A floating paperboat
    and you wrapping her in your embrace watching it float.

  • taraaaaaa 16w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word micro-tale on Nature

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    Season of fall leaves Tumbling everywhere

  • taraaaaaa 16w

    Story of my sin.

    I rewrite
    The story of my sin.
    I'm still.. Burried in puddles of dark circles
    My skin screams
    For it is plastered with coat of grief
    Burnt with tears of ache and etched with scars so deep stained in red.
    Years have passed
    Promises have lost
    I'm not anymore a sobbing mess
    My tears have relinquished in distress
    I'm done with crying..
    Trust me I'm not afraid of dying

    You told me then,love.. was blind to faults and flaws
    Love knew only to give and forgive
    You told me love..Was kind and pure..
    It bothered not an inch of freckles , wrinkles and furrowed brows..
    I believed it to be so..
    Because your presence filled the voids inside me.
    Nudge of your finger tips lurched my insides dropping my heart into stomach...
    Everything in me wanted you so badly, you asked for it and I gave all of me to you..
    The rhythm of my conflicted heart warned me of the happening sin.
    I knew I had to wake up from this bittersweet sweven.
    But oh god!! Would a bee let go off nectar?

    Haze of panic blurred my vision,
    Tremendous agony choked my breath
    I was on my knees ...With a smirk you left
    Thanking me for quenching your thirst ?
    Begging and wailing went in vain
    When shrugging with audacity you spat out telling " I would never date a cougar "
    Floating in despair
    Gathering my shattered pieces
    I suck the venom that fumes out everywhere.. Everytime when a cougar loves a younger one.
    Because love for us is just a bitter taste of mistakes and regrets.
    Love for us is just a deplorable sin.