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  • tamarajovanovic77777 122w

    The Dark

    Don't talk about the final result with a smile on your face and the way you enjoy life now...
    That comes later...
    Tell me about the hell you went through, step by step...
    The darkest hole of existance...
    Show me your scars so I can show you mine..

  • tamarajovanovic77777 140w


    1. Tell your mind to shut up
    2. Tell your body to get the fuck up
    3. When times are really that sucky and you can't, tell yourself it's ok not to do either

    Repeat until it becomes a habit.


  • tamarajovanovic77777 166w

    Yeah... right...sure... don't think so

  • tamarajovanovic77777 168w

    How amazing it is to feel with every cell in your body...the protection from above...

  • tamarajovanovic77777 169w

    To be kept waiting is a subtle sort of manipulation.

  • tamarajovanovic77777 170w

    You have to be ready to walk that walk alone. Because that won't be forever. The right ones will join you when they are able to understand and those who just can't seem to love your progress will be replaced by those who love it so easily.

    Just stick with it. Stick with your true self. It will be highly and unexpectedly rewarded.

    You got this

  • tamarajovanovic77777 170w

    You'll learn how to say No and when you do you'll see that some won't like it at all. More you say No to situations and people you're body already knows you're uncomfortable with, the more healthy self love you'll feel. At the same time , you'll be saying more of Yes to things and situations your gut knows you should but before you would have been too afraid. That will make you feel liberated.

    Ultimatelly, you'll realize that for some time you might continue to walk part of that road alone. Some won't be happy with your progress, some won't understand, some will join you later and with some you'll part ways for good.

  • tamarajovanovic77777 170w

    When you reach a stage where you feel that big change you've been craving for a long, long time is just around the corner, you'll realize few things...

    You'll realize that somewhere along the line you seriously got fed up of not living the life of your dreams, of feeling inadequate, of unequal relationships, whether it's love, friendship, work or anything else and that it's that feeling of being utterly fed up that got things rolling.

    You'll realize that feeling a big change just around the corner without a shadow of a doubt would not have happened if you didn't start with a serious of decision making, seemingly unrelated, and being consistent at them.

  • tamarajovanovic77777 184w

    The anticipation of an ending is always worse than the actual end. That's because when we anticipate, we cramp inside, our soul is spasming. We think we're gonna die from the pain. It's an anxious, paralyzing anxiety. But when something actually ends, we finally walk away or they do, we come to realize that it was so much eaiser than we anticipated. Sooner a later a sense of freedom prevails. Chains broke and we welcome new beginnigs. Freedom.


  • tamarajovanovic77777 191w

    It's resurrection time