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  • tamanna3 3d

    A day to cherish ��
    7th April '21

    (A)pril rains birthe a daisy,
    (R)ainbow heart lives in whom.
    (Y)odeling verses from her pen reflect harmony,
    (A)esthetic, her soul and graceful, her disposition.

    ~ She's like a gentle reminder in the midst of chaos that every bright morning births from a dark night.

    ~ She's like the first ray of sunshine that breaks into your cold home of darkness, rejuvenating the moribund bud within you.

    ~ She's like the warrior, pronounced of worldly battles, that sit by the fire at the end of day and tailor your senses with lessons of wisdom.

    ~ She's like the butterfly that flutters its delicate wings along your steps so you don't astray from the path that takes you home.

    She has always been a giver, holding onto the airial thread of a neonatal friendship ever since it birthed between our hearts. She has been the one who fueled my extinguishing core, brought me closer to the million stars in a purple galaxy I never knew, would become the home I've always sought for. She's the most humanoid fairy that has gracefully sprinkled her fairydust on my withered soul and brought me closer to the heaven on earth where every moment spells happiness and love.

    Thank you for being the only and most precious aryu I've ever known. It hasn't been even a whole year, but the thread that binds us together has held onto the standing grounds of a statement saying 'time doesn't matter when your hearts resonate with each other' in the best and most beautiful way possible. From sharing our love for the purple world, to the love for ( ꈍᴗꈍ), I know we've come far. (Let's only go further from here!)

    So today, as your 18th year passes and 19th arrives, I wish you all the best things in life. May your words bloom into beautiful verses and love flourish on your heart's soil. I wish every passing day makes your stronger, wiser and more mature to go through all the things that get in your way. I love you, and I hope you've an amazing year ahead.

    Happy birthday ( ˘ ³˘)♥ @arya_abhipsa
    and let's meet soon! Here's Tam waiting for Aryu to have that fish curry together :P ❤️ ; Have a BEAUTIFUL year ahead !

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  • tamanna3 1w

    Thanks to every person who made yesterday so beautiful. I never knew someone could be loved without reasons and expectations, and people who do, deserve all the same. I love you guys a lot. And I wish you only and only happiness and peace. ❤️


    Today, I woke up,
    Hands tucked into sleeves
    Surprised, I walked upto the mirror
    Glanced back and forth at my body.
    I was a little too homesick to see myself
    Perhaps that's why I turned up earlier too,
    But then my home hasn't been built.

    Today, time kept moving,
    But the world stopped for once to see me
    I felt happier, thinking today it wasn't me
    who's left unseen.
    In the hour between night and dreams,
    When rosemary made perfumes for me,
    I was a little too dismayed to realise
    The fragrance I was gifted has borrowed
    life from hemlock siblings.

    Today, I read life,
    From pages of a book written not by me,
    It said life is beautiful and purpose defines it,
    I thought of rainbows, their beginnings and ends looked like no heptad,
    Yet like a mother it births, offsprings seven.
    I thought again, the writer was also human,
    People make assumptions and believe them
    Like I did when my self-love wasn't born yet
    and I assumed it never existed.
    I rained with rains and dessicated with summers,
    For all who came, I held on with love,
    Expected reciprocation and a verbatim life.

    Today, I woke up again,
    Pockets stuffed with neon highlighters
    Surprised, I walked upto the mirror again.
    This time, glanced at its face and saw-
    Rivulet-like cracks on its reflecting surface,
    and abberations too,
    Realised only today I've been feeding on lies.
    My mirror wasn't plain but a convex lot,
    Explains well why disarray of life converged
    to a point where I believed it didn't exist,
    I saw expectations metastasize fast into
    stagnant dynamics.

    ~Half-writer, half-human had said it right-
    Life is beautiful and purpose defines it.
    What he didn't choose to say is beautiful flowers
    can kill and definitions aren't absolutes,
    Why would he, or how else would mornings
    start a new day unless we've woken,
    Up and away from cold records
    of yesterdays called-
    'Homes built on graveyard of realistic dreamscapes.'


    �� #oxymoron #wod

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    Realizations are safe dangers

    Half-writer, half-human said it right-
    Life is beautiful and purpose defines it.
    What he didn't choose to say is beautiful flowers
    can kill and definitions aren't absolutes.

  • tamanna3 2w

    The blue expanse has sealed its lips and the colourless rains erased all traces. Even that seventh date of the month is long gone, and the year of rainbows has faded, with the song of unsaid goodbyes. We've come a long way from the forgotten year. We've reached so far now, that even the memory of those brown paper planes we made out of graffiti papers, seems obscured. The eastern winds bring back the familiar petrichor, and this heart once again beats rampantly, only to be calmed by the April rains every year.

  • tamanna3 2w

    we're all born to contain a part of the sea, a part the sky and a part of the earth within us. we often lose track of the various possibilities of life while limiting ourselves into the brittle frame of being humans. that said, being human, isn't a feat so easy. the connotation of the term 'social animal' has far fetched implications, the basic understanding of which, we've deviated from generations back.

    we're all sailors embarked on a rough sea in holed boats that are sinking and floating at the same time. this voyage can end in dynamic consequences. the other end of it is hazy, indiscernible, just like the sight of homelands we've all abandoned. are we warriors, or prisoners of a war, doesn't matter anymore, atleast until we're on the same boat.

    we're all strangers, in the unending process of knowing each other, while trying in vain to fill the void of our insecurities by comparing with scars belonging to others, those we've known not a moment of the battles that produced them, and the ones as well who had to encounter them, until they reached the same place as us.

    we're still the same, even when we compare ourselves to a speck of dust on the gravel roads of our hometowns or to the stardust floating about in the space we've heard of and seen in documentaries and encyclopedias. being part of this creation is like two sides of the same coin, you can bet on winning with the head or tail, but in the end both faces of it will tell the same story, just from different perspectives.

  • tamanna3 2w

    #beauty #wod
    I come before I've to leave again -.-)

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    I open my eyes,
    Today and tomorrow
    seems like yesterday.
    I can't see beyond a lot,
    But the notion of cycles
    is ever too empowering.

    I replay the slideshow
    of forgotten smiles,
    I recite the sixtieth time
    then lose count.
    A flock of birds coo
    six feet over my head,
    I remember the song
    that taught me to be
    ten feet tall, but I'm not.

    I'm a lost spell spelt
    from the missing piece of
    a magical wand~ broken too.
    And the world urged me
    to be concrete like perceptions,
    and flex my grace like a swan
    While my heart sank
    everytime they called out
    a black sibling of my herd.

    Colors left me,
    Time brought me shades
    of petty greys and blacks.
    ~I stand in front of a door
    painted with a hue unknown,
    I can't walk through, I don't,
    ~Some entrances just aren't yours.

    The family call me theirs,
    Pinned feathers on my arms
    that bleach red with my tears.
    The day I crossed my bridges,
    said no promises of return
    to the house of monotony~
    Then why should I look the same?

    There's beauty in rains
    that cleaned me off labels
    I never wanted anyway,
    They let me drain adversity
    bottled up in golden jars,
    Gifted on my twelfth year to
    make bracelets from the gold.

    ~and I traded them for volition
    so those feathers I denied
    to paint alike their minds,
    would birthe to wings of mine.

  • tamanna3 4w

    I no longer care. I've been fed so many lies now that my stomach hurts. My guts want to throw up and my mouth wants to let go of those honey flavoured meals that smell of lies.

    Reality, they say, is harsh. But what good is real if it only clogs your ears for the humdrum is too loud, the decibels too out of control, and your voice honks like a broken trumpet that is too tired to decompose its remains.

    They call me a traitor for not loving summers. But I never said I found home in those seasons that pass by without calling my name. I feel ignored like the ripened fruit that fell off the branch because its father was too busy taking care of the other siblings that he had to let go of one bad apple.

    I'm not a black sheep, not a rainbow either. My spectrum ends where opinions are born. My warzone lies condensed within the old diary that has seen more years than the generation of bougainvilleas in my garden. I water them everyday with no hope of ever blooming like them.

    The family next door are celebrating their second son's birthday, and I'm sitting beside the oak, bidding farewell to the winter which has settled so deep within my skin that it refuses to let go. The bees and the humming bird flaunt their flying skills to the cat lazing on my lap as if it's just returned home from a battle it wasn't supposed to fight but lost anyway.

    I tried to mumble a small prayer to the clouds closing in on themselves, but the old radio of my grandfather cracked up at the first two words. I suppose I should've prayed to the skies like they all do, but what good would that do, if none would answer the same.

    The wind arrived, hushing me silent. The sun left to converse with sunflowers on the other side of my garden. I should leave too, now that my wounds are tired to heal themselves, so what good would it be to sleep on doors that are still willing to let me in, while I fix my gaze on houses I don't belong to anymore.


    Semi-gone to gone soon. So wanted to let this out. And this is the last one for now.

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    Perhaps summer is what I'm not.

  • tamanna3 4w

    @jias_wand ��

    she's the happy face birthed
    from the lap of a myriad of efforts
    that bore sweet fruits on a may day.

    she's like the mild lavender that blooms
    as a blend of fiery red and ocean blue
    gifting your mornings a harmless hue.

    the sterile air of yesterday's gloom
    reside not in her sunflower words as if
    no hindrances can work her aura down.

    the complexity of the world's systems
    can't enter her zone of happiness and love
    for she belongs to a universe where geniality reins.

    -from comi to jomi XD
    ���� Happy birthday ����

    thank you my dearest @jias_wand for being the loveliest sister I've come across. And when I say loveliest, I mean the most most most loveliest. from the day I've known you, you've been a sweetheart. ofc we don't talk everyday, but whenever we do, you manage to crack me up with the most little and sweet things. you're one person I can't afford to lose. I hope we meet soon, sooner than we plan to. and I love you so much! thanks for being the cute jomi to comi. ����
    thanks for being born. happy birthday!!
    I wish you all the happiness you deserve, and yk you deserve the world. enjoy your day :')

    P.s early so you don't disappear before �� ~15/03 ~

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  • tamanna3 4w

    Rein over fear

    Let loose those evil hands on your veins,
    That render every tomorrow a tinge of evil.
    Hush them silent, those blueberry voices,
    Cast off that never ending facade of a smile.

    Blow off black candles with white flames,
    Sell monochrome outfits to mannequins in motley.
    Dismiss all curses spelt from cracked lips,
    They too hide beneath spectrum of colored lies.

    Blow the detained bugle, retreat your forces,
    The war is over and you're still dying of chagrin.
    Preserve remaining breaths in heart of grit,
    Hold hands with kin, don't let discord rein heads.

    Today's welcome could be disguised farewell,
    Let not raised voices mask fervent prayer for peace.
    Guide your horses, don't chain them away,
    Let not ambivalent fears debar sundials in dark.

    But please not what's being feared,
    Just to greet mother of fugitive victory.
    Suck on naked truth hid behind siblings of pretence,
    Lift off curtain that dances with winds of fortuity.

  • tamanna3 4w

    #gogyohka #wod
    Can't imagine being regular, still.

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    I am like
    that dormant volcano
    beneath the discernible
    that can't be vanquished
    and explode when stepped on.

  • tamanna3 4w

    Another #star

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    Don't settle for shooting stars
    that don't fall your way,
    they just fall for people
    who can't stand for themselves.