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  • talesbymoon 3w

    We to be together was just like the Horizon
    An optical illusion created by you

  • talesbymoon 5w

    You were not happy with the sun
    But I was happy with only ray of it

  • talesbymoon 6w

    Love can't be measured with a firm step
    One day I'm great and the next I'm breaking down
    I needed to go because I needed to know you don't need me
    You reap what you sow, but it seems like you don't even see me
    You say it to me like it's something I have any choice in
    If I wasn't important, then why would you waste all your poison?

  • talesbymoon 7w

    || तू तुझे मैं ही काफी है
    एक गहरा समुंदर है तू
    जिसमें सारे राज़ समाया है
    एक ब्रह्मांड सा है तू
    जिसमें सारा ज्ञान समाया है
    तू डर मत
    लड़ जा
    एक आग सा फैल जा
    तुझे दुनिया की ज़रूरत नहीं
    तू दुनिया की ज़रूरत बन ||


  • talesbymoon 8w

    Even after the relationship ended
    I still fall in love with you
    Even after the end that you wrote
    I keep on writing beginnings

  • talesbymoon 8w

    ।। रिश्ते के बाद भी तुमसे प्यार होता रेहता है
    क्यूँकि तुम्हारे लीखें अंत के बाद भी
    मैं शुरुआत लिखता रेहता हूँ ।।

  • talesbymoon 8w

    In all the pictures
    That we took together,
    I look like stranger to me

  • talesbymoon 8w

    I remember the first time
    We met
    I tripped on a step
    You smiled
    And at that instance
    I fell twice

  • talesbymoon 8w

    One day
    Yes someday in blues
    My words will be carved on your heart just like the prints on wet cement

  • talesbymoon 8w

    After the breakup
    She started a new relationship
    They said “She betrayed him, she is characterless"
    “It’s her future life, let her live the way she is happy”
    He gulped the past within