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  • taittiriya 6w

    A Rainy Day

    Did I tell you
    That I am gay?
    I met my man
    A rainy day

    Outside it did
    Rain cats and dogs.
    Inside we had
    Warm cozy hugs.

    We kissed and smooched
    Each other's lips,
    While on the leaves
    Rain water drips.

    As frogs croaked and
    Peacocks did say,
    I met my man
    A rainy day.


  • taittiriya 6w

    The Advent of Autumn

    The autumn moon glows,
    The gentle breeze blows,
    The forests are full with the scent of flowers.
    Honeysuckle swings,
    The bumble bee sings,
    The fragrance of jasmine has filled the bowers.


  • taittiriya 6w

    A Bengali Proverb, probably first given by Ramkrishna Paramhansa, translated by me.

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    Shame, hatred and fear-
    Three shouldn't be there.

  • taittiriya 9w

    Evening Music

    On the banks of the river,
    Under the burflower tree,
    Sounds the music of the flute
    In the dense green shrubbery.

    The sky gets blood red in hue.
    Birds fly spreading their pinion.
    The lake and the flowing stream-
    All get a tone of crimson.

    The sun sets and the red spreads
    In all the ten directions.
    Hearing the sound of the flute
    The unblossomed bud burgeons.

    Songs of birds returning home-
    The cowherds curiously hear.
    The evening music plays
    As sun begins to founder.

  • taittiriya 10w

    Alone in my room

    Sitting alone in my room
    Looking at the looking-glass,
    I see the reflection of
    The trees full of ripe guavas.

    The door is slightly open;
    And the darkness is growing.
    The sun sets in the skyline.
    The temple bells are ringing.

    The washed clothes are hanging on
    The rope tied across the room.
    On one nook lie silently
    My suitcase, sandals and broom.

    Sitting alone in my room
    I'm thinking about my man.
    Will he come to me tonight
    Like he came to me back then?