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  • tainted 19w


    Here's to the happiness you chose over the torrents she brings,
    My best wishes, with fondest thoughts....,

    P.S# I love you

  • tainted 26w

    No one falls in love with your soul or your entirety. They just like to think they do.

  • tainted 26w

    Women should stop supporting men where they're wrong.
    It's how we build up their ego and blame their judgement!

  • tainted 27w

    I shall never write of you again and that's how you shall lose me

  • tainted 27w

    I really hate us and the way we are; I'm terrible at keeping people and you can't make me stay.

  • tainted 35w

    I am either yes or no; nothing between the princess you have to save or the dragon you got to slay

  • tainted 38w

    Perfection has ruined me

  • tainted 40w


    ...he re-read the pages that tore him, hoping he could win back the strength he lost, never knowing that that stopped his pen another inch...

  • tainted 61w


    How do we even begin,
    The statement so bold and not a word to form
    They lived for heaven's promise on such savory lips
    And lived again to bury their dead

    He was gentle, soft and dear
    a calm assurance of finer things and unforgettable eyes
    So generous he gave away what was never his
    But like a Nightingale he sang, not one song of remorse
    A fine warrior of the night, his armour of
    women so strong and brave
    So humane he wills death to anyone that threatens his solemn ideal
    Still, so poised and divine in his armor of gold
    It is no one's fault that there was love
    Real real love
    All sunken when the tide came in

    But Lydia, do not grief and Zoe please don't cry
    Even Victoria has faced defeat and many more is bygone
    Not every losing must be a loss
    Sometimes being human can't be all, we need to be a good person too
    Don't you think?

  • tainted 62w

    Should we write of our heartaches in and out
    and tell of our sorrows so damp upon our cheeks; not one song would be left unsung and no heart spared unburnt