Even a beautiful mirror can be dangerous when it's broken!..

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  • taekook_maknae 4w

    #monostich #lame @writersnetwork ��

    Idk if this is a monostich
    I'm sorry ,i lost in touch with writing TT

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    Patience is the fragrance diffused while you squash and squeeze a flower


  • taekook_maknae 13w

    #wod #pun not at all a pun xD
    #temp attempt

    Ps : i don't actually know what is Pun ,this is just what i understand xD

    RIP =
    Resting In Prison , (prison can be the cages that resist one to be independent, can be some words of of someone or be caged in ourown thoughts etc..)
    Resting In Peace ,
    Rest In Poetry ,
    Reeped Imprisoned Parables


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    R I P

    Resting In Prison
    Without Resting In Peace
    I wish to Rest In Poetry
    So i Reeped Imprisoned Parables


  • taekook_maknae 14w

    #temp #writersnetwork #wod

    Hope everyone is fine
    I m sorry
    Will read uh all , maybe not soon but will
    I'm missing uh all

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    Poesy hybernated
    at tip of my pen till
    The azure (blues) has fallen down
    to refill ink


  • taekook_maknae 15w

    #lame #wod #nature
    Thanks for heart WN ❤

    I know it doesn't make any sense TT

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    Autumn lulled maples to sleep
    Komorebi kissed ,
    Evincing the wabi-sabi of it's naked limbs

  • taekook_maknae 16w

    #setting #wod #lame
    Thanks alot for the repost WN ��❤

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    Leaden sky weeps out
    Wintry flakes sported the ground
    Robin warbled euphonious carols
    Fauna hibernated ,as Flora crouched
    Till the summer's ripening breath breezes


  • taekook_maknae 16w

    Men with scythe reap the fields ,to sow the seeds
    While ,
    Men with Swords reap the (battle) fields, to sow deads

  • taekook_maknae 16w

    Accidentally got deleted post for @_mysoul
    So editing it to this

    Moon self-slaughtered in the loveshore ,
    Sequelling the word 'Die' is just a 'Lie'
    It slaughtered the fallacies of civil blood with its crescent blade ,
    graving the parent's strife under it's reflection
    (War b/w Montagues and capulet)


    /Two of the fairest stars of heaven /(eyes)
    Gleamed in my dark heart ,edifying even the torch to burn bright
    It's the True Apothecary , which sold love-drug to my soul
    It's smoke, that i breath fogged anguish , and carved out smile on my face
    I wanna die with her kiss stamped on my forehead

    My heart quenches for the bliss
    Only i earn is the Tragic miss
    Now All i could do is to kiss
    You with my metaphory reminisce
    Which i capsulated into 5-petalled stars
    And scattered it on the azure abyss
    To conceal the veins of scars

    /This bud of Love , by summer's ripening breath may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet /

    Reposting some lines

    Bg words =Juliet's death

    #love #wod #temp @writersnetwork Thanks for ❤

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    Cupid arrows thrusted ,
    blood drops scattered down the crypt
    as fallen fragile petals ,freighting Fates of broken love

    The light that brokes the window , sets down
    As well as the ripening breaths of summer!


  • taekook_maknae 16w

    /I planted my Life , just to cede to Death!/

    Soul steps-out from the ambrosian fields of body,
    Each fragile petals drip-off from life ,
    i laid tacitly down the cancer ward
    Death awaited out the door ,and kindly behold through those murky glass
    Pain termited holistic as,
    Aura Aromated unanswered medicines ,
    While taking pain killers for soothing others
    Hour glasses harps aloud, the doomsday rituals,
    Trying to stoop downward it's sand as to bury heartbeats
    Immortal reminiscence lingered past veins
    Death Outlined 'X' mark on the door of life
    As No Moon ,No Sun could enter,
    Even Dawn and Dark lefts my vocabulary!

    And then Hope whispers the words of W.E Henley
    “It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.”

    Ps: don't mind me , i'm mad ��

    #lame #cancer #petalc #writersnetwork #wod @writersnetwork


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    Death hibernated
    at the tip of my soul
    till cancer thawed from my blood

  • taekook_maknae 17w

    I came to know the taste of having a Brother ,since i met you .Not only as a brother , also as a True Friend, writer ,and Army .
    Loads or love to you for your protection and care and love ��
    And No thanks ,as you always said ����

    Btw happy birthday once again @rjd_creations

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    He poured stars in my dark hours
    To make me smile as a cresecent moon
    And shade warmth as a Sun in light hours
    To volatize salient Tears
    And ensue as the scintillating shades
    Of Rainbow when my tears bow


  • taekook_maknae 17w

    Maybe temp
    I know i always fail in Expressing my feelings
    I'm sorry

    This is about , Vismaya V Nair, a 22-year-old woman, found dead on Monday morning at the house of her husband's family.Her death came two days after she sent messages to her cousin telling him that her husband had brutally beaten her many times over a car that was given as part of her dowry. Vismaya told her cousin that she has faced severe assault. She wrote about how after assaulting her, her husband allegedly pulled back her hair and stamped on her face. She says in the message that she has not told anyone about the assault. The photos she shared with her cousin show injuries on her face, shoulder and hands.

    #writersnetwork #lame #dowry #writersnetwork #miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    DOWRY or WOMEN weighs more!?

    Preserved , till sold out in the
    Hands of Fake romance
    Lust for money, he
    Termited her Life wholly and
    stamped on the Anguish pages
    Gashes blushed her cheeks
    As Blood stains reddened lips and
    Body imprinted Footmarks holistic

    Scars adorned ,head to toes
    Sported cloak to veil the woes
    Stowed a satchel of traumas
    Stilly through pellucid tears

    Pangs whispered to beseech for help
    She ran out at the witching hours
    And adjured for help ,They said
    Hold on , just Adjust those situations
    You will be fine one day!
    Once again pangs Whispered,
    You will be in eternal peace ,by
    Pointing to the hanging strings

    She uttered tacitly before hanging on death strings...,
    "No more women should Die of Dowry
    If it won't, i don't wanna be a women like this once again!"
    Not a suicide , undoubtedly a Murder!

    Does a Life Or Dowry weighs more!?

    Are women only for Dowry!?
    No Women are for sold out!
    Please don't mensurate A Woman with Money again!