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  • ta824tauhid 4w


    Waqt ke saath badal na sikho
    Toh aacha hoga
    Kyunki agar waqt ne tumhe
    Badal na shuru kardia na
    Toh barbad ho jaoge

  • ta824tauhid 4w


    Nikle hai toh manzil mil hi jaayegi
    Bhatak te bhatak te hi sahi
    Gumrah toh woh log hai
    Jo garh se nikal te hi nahi

  • ta824tauhid 6w

    The love of winter

    The day of winter
    I saw you in
    Fog and snow

    Life of mine had became more clear
    And slow
    When I saw you in white and flow

    My mind was struck at your grace and glow
    Beauty of yours had made my love
    Grow in row

    And it was a winter day
    When I saw you in
    Fog and snow

  • ta824tauhid 6w

    Life is a road of several turns and every turn is full of adventure and new chance

  • ta824tauhid 6w

    #be positive

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    Things surrounding us in present is good enough for achievement in near future