Working for my forthcoming tag..�� You❤♾️

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  • syed_bushra 1w

    Where there is respect, there is love indeed


  • syed_bushra 1w

    Right I want to end myself..
    I have been prisoner of my own thoughts..
    It feels like im caged...
    I cry
    No one cares.
    I yell
    No one cares,

    Everyday i die a lil more n more....

    Dont know☺?

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  • syed_bushra 2w

    You ought to be this good in real unless in dreams..............

  • syed_bushra 3w

    Thankyou @writersnetwork for ❤

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    Consistantly you come in my dreams?Dont know why.....

  • syed_bushra 5w

    Regretting for believing in them..
    Regretting for trusting them...
    Regretting for putting them above all..

    Will come back stronger:-)

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  • syed_bushra 5w

    Man with modesty...

    Cudnt write much for the person you were��

    I lost my cousin brother...

    Love u from the core

    You are alive in our hearts��

    Rest in jannah❤

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    Rest in peace


  • syed_bushra 6w

    To every prayer,I answered our surname.

  • syed_bushra 6w

    If my innerbeing let me jot what you did with me?
    If my heart spilled out all the pain?

    What if my eyes answered you for all the filthy tags you dragged me with?

    What if i had brought your character to the bottom line?

    What if that mean tag designated to your present being?

    What if time brought me to my devil side


    I will stab my fortune ...

    Grown up so strong
    Bottled up all my emotions for temporary peeps..:-)


    Not directed to anyone....
    But if the shoe fits wear it..

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  • syed_bushra 6w

    Its 9 december today, and Im very much delightful that its again next and turning to be new year and Im under your roof ,its quite cherishing to think that after all we are still together and more happily celebrating your 20th birthday baby!❤
    To me today is very paradoxical day for me!
    The buddy,the best friend ,loving partner n seeing soul in you n wholly you became my soulmate and gave solace to my soul...
    On this day,I pray to God ,that you be bestowed with all the happiness all the beautiful moments and all the very good luck and success on your ways My love...
    I cant thank enough ,I alwaya remeber how you handle me,how you make me happiest and how you keep eye on every damn thing that hurts me n how you turn my frowns to happy n smily heart...You are just example of bestest budddy n best partner i ever have❤��...

    On this day, i owe my heart and bunch of roses..

    I love you baby❤


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    " 9 December"

  • syed_bushra 7w

    ~Yun Muhayeda na kar har ek misre pai
    Yaha mohabatte_mukhlisi bhi bhikti hai maidaanu mai...