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  • swopnil_karki 2w

    You are that beautiful piece of art
    Which I wish to see from my heart
    You are that warmth of the first sunlight
    Which in my life, I want to truly invite

    You are that fresh breath of air
    Which I ask for, in my prayers
    You are that soothing sound
    Which I have finally found
    You are gods one true gift
    Which I feel blessed to receive

  • swopnil_karki 2w

    Feelings over thoughts
    There is no 'Ifs and Buts'
    No questions asked and nothing more to be said
    When divinity meets reality a heavenly match is made

    Everything that once seemed impossible, now just seems fine
    It simply tastes like the good old wine
    When the stars, sun and moon align
    Everything is peaceful and divine.

  • swopnil_karki 4w

    The toughness and the softness
    The strom that you carry and the calmness
    Don't know if it is way too much or less
    All I can say is that I feel blessed

    I wonder what did I do to deserve you
    Everything feels like too good to be true
    Never thought that even dreams had shape
    Untill I met you babe


  • swopnil_karki 8w

    He didn't fight with a sword
    He fought with his words
    Courage was his shield
    Yard by yard inch by inch the world had to yeild
    A born patriot, a true leader
    Lived his life for his people

    His sacrifices, and his legacy,
    Always remained like an infinite dark reality.
    The dark, the empty, the hollow yet filled.

    His discipline was his asset and his honesty was the mine.
    Lived his life as a leader and died as a king

  • swopnil_karki 13w

    The realization of being able to love was divine
    Self reflection when it happened effortlessly was to be mine
    The silence when in nature sounds like a serenade
    The voices going from screams to silence in my head
    The whistling winds, the smell of earth
    The sunset, the lit sky right at dusk
    What tops everything off
    Is knowing everything will eventually be all right

  • swopnil_karki 21w

    In Between

    The muse in between dark and light
    Or is the moment in between day and night
    What about the silence in between peace and fight
    Or is it just the tiniest of logic in between wrong and right

    Neither it's the confusion in between fear or courage
    Nor the choice in between calmness or rage
    Maybe it the willingness to choose in between God and evil
    Seems like everything is absolutely in between death and survival

  • swopnil_karki 28w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Nostalgic

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    Loved those days

  • swopnil_karki 78w

    As the world is awestruck by her beauty
    Where the world is seeing heaven walking on earth
    His sight is fixed on her eyes
    Cause he knows that it's just a heavenly disguise

    He could tell from a glance
    The love that she lost was not just by chance
    From all the uncured wounds to
    The sleepless nights that cause
    So much pain
    Little did she know that with the broken heart it was so much hard to love again

  • swopnil_karki 170w

    What is life ??? What is death . . .???
    It is just a transition that's called fate. . .

  • swopnil_karki 211w

    As hard as the wind 

    As calm as the sun

    As loud as the thunder

    As soft as the snow

    As wild as the storm 

    As refreshing as the rain

    No matter the weather 

    You reside in me so we are always together