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  • sweetybhadoria 2w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Flexible

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    Thoughts are flexible

  • sweetybhadoria 9w

    What therapy you practice, when you are forced to live with toxic people?


  • sweetybhadoria 22w

    If someone is happy in your absence, how do you feel?

  • sweetybhadoria 25w

    It's silence, no chaos, no discussion and debate,
    Because our ego is ruling

  • sweetybhadoria 48w

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    Write a 8 word short tale on Forward

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    Moving forward is a remedy to disastrous past

  • sweetybhadoria 57w

    Let me smile, because it's mine

  • sweetybhadoria 58w

    Ping me, to get link of the app and share your opinions ��

    #trailer #Jayalalitha #politics #actor #southfilms #bollywood

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    Hey! checkout this audio room *'Review of "Thalaivi" Kangana Ranauat's next hit?'* on @instahelo app. Join me at MON, 05 APR 2021 08:00 PM GMT+05:30
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  • sweetybhadoria 60w

    We are thrilled to announce our creators' accelerator program, `Vocal Bharatiya` to help new audio creators from India build an audience and launch their careers.

    At InstaHelo, we want to build a creator-first economy where creators get to pursue their passion and make a decent living.
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    Selected creators will :
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    What you need to participate:
    ✔️ Android phone with internet connectivity
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    If you are interested, please apply here:

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    Read the caption, something exciting is there

    After reading the caption , if interested You can contact me -
    *Comment on the post
    *Mail- sweety.36mj@gmail.com

  • sweetybhadoria 63w

    Invitation to mirakee family for a talkshow!

    I would like to invite you for our talkshow. We are a "InstaHelo" app , the drop in audio-chat app owned by American Indian Ashutosh Dubey.
    We will be discussing on 'Is Disha Ravi sedition charges was frail?'
    And the Judge Dharmendra Rana historical verdict .
    Everyone is welcome.
    Looking for an Environmentalist, Social Activist, any law student, basically person who can pull out audience..
    Interested candidate comment.
    *Show is tomorrow evening

  • sweetybhadoria 65w

    I am gonna be 22 this year , spent 21 years with no valentine celebration and i think till the age of 14 valentine day didn't even exist in my dictionary, at 15 I fell in love or lust, infatuation, or God knows but wanted to celebrate valentine, it didn't land up and story was over.
    At the age of 17, I was madly in love ,consumed all the
    Vitamin 'A' ,felt each moments special, from social media to paytm ,from night to sunrise, from long distance to closeness, from unknown to best friend , from ego to mutual understanding, criticized and
    Praised a lot, from 17 to 21 all goes the same but every year valentine remain my dream because that was all stays in my heart, never been spoken about this.
    Each valentine i rejuvenate my feelings and add spoon of hope to it.
    #writersnetwork #writerstolli

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