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  • sweetestturtle 2w

    Story so far

    I'm the book you always opened
    You never read..!

  • sweetestturtle 6w


    Real irony of the life is...
    what is true? and ,what is lie? To decide.
    There is time in everyones life where we struk between the truth and the lie.
    Thats the time where we live in an invisible world,
    We can't even think about the real facts and the reality of life.
    We live in a world that doesn't exsist.!
    We jsut hang at tip of mountain thinking what is true? What is lie?
    There will be noone to pull you up the moutain are leave your hand to set u free!
    Everyone will be enjoying your suffering ,your pain,
    They laugh at your valuble tears.
    That's where you should see the life through real facts and the reality.
    That's the time we should moveon and getrid of things (or) people who are hurting us , making us feel worthless.
    So ,before they take control over our life we should live a life that is with real facts.

  • sweetestturtle 6w

    If something is not yours,
    You will taste only pains....!

  • sweetestturtle 8w

    Not every memory is great......!

  • sweetestturtle 8w

    Life is like one way traffic, we have to face it
    There's no turning back.

  • sweetestturtle 9w


    Every story has two endings..!
    One with happiness, and other with sadness.
    The person with happy ending ,is going to lead a Beautiful life.
    But then......
    Here is a person of sad ending ,who Will be remained as a big QUESTION MARK?
    for rest of his life, All ALONE. ....

  • sweetestturtle 9w

    Why did u left me in Dark?

    I know one day I'll be grateful for everything I experienced with you MR. SH..
    In the end all the pain that I felt was because of my ego.
    Sometimes we can live an entire life not knowing ourselves!
    A love that supposedly worth dying for that damned formula that's tattooed on our SOUL,
    where a love that hurts is supposed to be TRUE LOVE.
    that messes with our heads and turns us into shit!

    It teaches us pain is fun and it isn't.
    That's not true...!
    Pain is perverse...
    It is exciting ,
    But it hurts,
    We have to learn again to LOVE.
    it's our duty!
    I'm privileged to get hurt by u....

  • sweetestturtle 12w


    When someone is sure about
    keeping a promise
    When it's hardly possible,
    There's a good chance
    it's a LIE

  • sweetestturtle 13w


    What's the big deal about death?
    Everyone dies.
    But not everyone can die in peace.
    No one in this world....
    Can avoid death.
    Why is it so bad to want to die in peace?

  • sweetestturtle 69w


    When I remember you..
    I wanna message you that "how are you?"
    By knowing you don’t like, I stopped myself from messaging you.
    It's hard for me but to make you happy,
    I am killing my wish always for you.!