I'm a custodian of soul and body journeying on bridge of time from an eve of existance unto actualization of my destiny

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  • swayam_raje 13w

    Need and more needs.......

    It's a state of mental imbalance when you do not know how much you have and how much you need and yet you're into the race!


  • swayam_raje 22w

    Let me be myself

    It's a mere truth i know about me, it's hard to run away from myself for the sake of broader world outside.


  • swayam_raje 35w

    Memories and timelines

    There are timelines private to the memories, albeit they contemplate outcome of a personal account in public front!


  • swayam_raje 46w

    The conflict between heart and mind is inevitable and omnipresent. To stand by either is what makes the right choice.


  • swayam_raje 48w

    अगर मै जी रहा हूं!

    अगर मै जी रहा हूं, तो एहसास है खुशी का, एक मक्सद है जीने का और खुशी उसकी वजह है!


  • swayam_raje 67w

    Curse of a courtship

    She infected me and left me to find my own cure!
    PS : Indeed cure was infection!


  • swayam_raje 68w


    Men age better with time whilst women actually age with time.


  • swayam_raje 68w

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder :

    Thoughts that lead you to forget other thoughts!


  • swayam_raje 72w


    Detachment is the first step to liberate oneself from human perceptive bias.


  • swayam_raje 74w

    For now I know!

    One thing i know, I'd regret most when i get older is not expressing my feelings at right junction of a moment.