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  • swati7writes 4d

    Does the deserving one get what he/she deserve?

    We often give everything to the wrong one in our lives and when the right one arrives in our life , we're either emotionally exhausted or barely have anything to give.

  • swati7writes 10w

    Eternal love

    I loved you even before knowing
    I cared about you even before seeing
    All I thought was happy moments
    To experience in your presence.

  • swati7writes 10w

    Man of my dreams

    You're my exact manifestation
    Result of my letter's rendition
    What a lovely imagination!
    I had about our union.

  • swati7writes 10w

    A tale of digital love

    Love can bloom through internet
    Even without seeing your mate
    You start to fantasize about your meeting
    By being lost in thoughts of his sweet caring ❤️


  • swati7writes 10w

    My abode on Earth

    My abode on Earth
    Always calls me back
    Every time I am away
    It wakes me up from deep slumber
    Through its whispers
    That no one can hear

    My abode on Earth
    Where I feel the most safe
    A place of gathering
    For my kith and kins
    To create memories; eternal

    My abode on Earth
    Always welcomes and embraces
    Me with open arms
    I must say it's the heaven
    On Earth to stay.


  • swati7writes 10w

    A tint of hope in shade of Malady

    Oh! My dear friend
    Let's not be unhappy
    For we're all sailing through
    A boat called life
    Looking for a tint of hope
    In shade of Malady
    Let's assure ourselves that
    The thoughts in our mind
    Are definitely in our custody
    We're like those bouncing balls
    Who know how to retrace
    The path they've been taken for long
    Let's peep through small holes
    Of the screens of our future
    Which might sometimes
    Appear so bleak
    For there's always a tint of hope
    In shade of every Malady.


  • swati7writes 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Landscape

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    Stunning work of nature over a limitless canvas

  • swati7writes 11w

    It was Valentine's Day; A day for lovers��. I always wondered how would V-Day look like in COVID era ��; can this social distancing put love birds in their cages?

    I crossed the road amidst all these thoughts while getting a pack of lunch from a nearby restaurant. I found an old lady with a bucket full of red roses who was sitting at the entrance of an apartment. There was hardly any customer to buy a rose from her. I wondered if it was the pandemic that was to be blamed for her meagre or say non-existent customer or it was the location to be made responsible for it.

    I went close to her to enquire about its price. She was selling it for Rs.30. A wave of nostalgia swept across my mind. The image of college students flocking towards the shop of roses, from my memory, flashed infront of my eyes when a rose was sold as high as Rs.200 and how lovers would go to any length to make her Valentine feel special.

    Few questions came to my mind ; does display of love relate to the young age? Doesn't it become important to display love through these little gestures at the age beyond college ? Is love during college days only passionate and unconditional? Why do people tend to take their partners as granted while being married?

    It's never the cost of gift that defines it but it's the underlying emotions or intention to make your partner happy, is what matters the most! Some little gestures of love �� are necessary to keep the spark alive ✨!

    @readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    A bucket full of red roses

    It was Valentine's Day; A day for lovers. I always wondered how would V-Day look like in COVID era ; can this social distancing put love birds in their cages?

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  • swati7writes 11w

    My Mirakee Journey

    Accidentally I stumbled upon
    This app as it was something
    So alluring from its logo
    I look forward to pen my feelings
    Wherever I felt like
    As it has always kept its ears open
    To my unsaid words.


  • swati7writes 13w

    Shiny Clouds

    Unlike yesterday, dark clouds
    Are shining today
    Being backed by the
    Glowing sun
    Reminding me of an idiom
    "Every cloud has a
    Silver lining"
    Resembling with the life
    Of a person
    When his vision is
    Blurred by vague notions
    Like the dark cloud enveloping
    Untill the inner sun rises.