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  • swathisuryadevara 2d

    We test the ones we love and trust those that betray us.
    We hurt the ones that care about us and situate the villains on their pedestals.
    We try to drive them away only to cry after they're finally gone.
    We cry when we're happy and smile when it's hurting.
    What are we doing?
    Were we really programmed to work like this?
    Seeing how it's going, I'd say god really flunked the code and added whatever entities that came to mind.
    We're not programmed for perfection.
    Yet, we keep striving for it every single day, failing to realize that our entire life goes by in the process.
    Human world sure has a mysteriously fascinating idea of working its way around things and I'm not surprised.
    We treat this as a game and get played in the end.
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    We treat this as a game and get played in the end!

  • swathisuryadevara 3d

    There are no friends in life.
    There's just people that you like
    and people that you don't.

  • swathisuryadevara 4d

    I don't just reply to anybody's texts.
    The ones I do reply, keep taking me for granted.
    It sure is one frustrating cycle to deal with!

  • swathisuryadevara 5d

    Every person that crosses your path isn't supposed to mean something.
    Don't expect that everybody you meet will make you feel special and loved.
    Few are just passing by,
    brushing through you for a brief moment.
    Don't try to make them stay.
    Making someone stay at a place where they don't belong is just unfair.
    To them and also to you.

  • swathisuryadevara 2w

    People don't just become savages out of their own sheer will.
    It's a process.
    It's a continuous process of everything weighing down on them everyday,
    pushing them towards that thin line,
    one moment at a time
    until they finally crossover.

  • swathisuryadevara 2w

    I hate just how fast that little sleep deprivation turns into a frustrating mind splitting headache.

  • swathisuryadevara 2w

    At this point, I don't wanna be an option but I also don't wanna be a choice coz I'm not ready to choose them back.
    So I'm alone and happy- by choice.

  • swathisuryadevara 3w

    Oh Darling!
    Don't wear your heart up on your sleeve.
    It's not cool.
    Lock it up in the depths of your despair.
    So if one wants to get to you in the name of love, they must be brave enough to walk the thorny, ugly and scary path first.

  • swathisuryadevara 3w

    Oh Darling!
    You should listen to me when I say that I'm bad.
    Don't make me show it to you.
    I really don't wanna hurt you but if it comes to that,
    I won't back off or go easy.

  • swathisuryadevara 3w

    If you're confident and comfortable in your own skin,
    Nothing is ever gonna get close to breaking you.
    So stop wandering around the world for validation and try to love and accept each and every jilted, broken piece of you.
    If you can't make sense of what you've become, nobody ever will.