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  • swarnimasinghdeo 43w

    And then we knew
    Not in this lifetime
    We are destined to meet!
    Crossed paths again and
    Ended everything on happy note :’)


  • swarnimasinghdeo 49w

    एक मुलाक़ात ज़रूरी है सनम !! 💔

    तेरी चाहतों ने ये क्या ग़म दिया
    तेरी इश्क़ ने यू दीवाना किया
    जमाने से मुझको बेगाना किया
    दीवाने तेरे प्यार मे बड़ा ही बुरा हाल है
    खड़ी हु तेरी राह में ना होश ना ख़याल है ।

  • swarnimasinghdeo 53w

    अभी तो हम बदले हैं
    बदले तो अभी बाक़ी हैं ।

  • swarnimasinghdeo 54w

    Fools are they
    who say magic doesnt exist!!
    #poetry #magic #healing #love #healing #selflove

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    Magic lies in
    the ink that forms
    the words that heal,
    magic lies in
    the tiny pieces of a heart
    which heal a little more each day,
    and in you
    lies the magician
    who despite falling,
    wakes after a storm
    only to walk towards healing.

  • swarnimasinghdeo 54w

    Truth !

    Later or sooner everyone’s gonna realise
    What they lived was not life
    To be at first was so tough
    No one realised life also goes by !!

  • swarnimasinghdeo 56w

    चीजों की हसरतें तो निम्न सी थी मेरी ,
    बस तेरी मोहब्बत की चाह बेहिसाब थी ,
    ख़ुदा की मर्ज़ी भी क्या खूब चली ,
    चीजें तो बेहिसाब मिली ,
    बस तेरी मोहब्बत में कुछ ख़ासा कमाल नहीं ।


  • swarnimasinghdeo 75w

    Love is a very small word .. but this 4 letters word can destroy or make someone's life .. it's just how you know love .. Love is not just about being in relationship with someone .. LOVE ... Love has no definition just do all the right things and see how magical your life gets ����

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    Love needs to be felt
    Not with the hand
    Just with
    Connectivity In the souls
    Tears in the eyes
    Happiness in the smile
    Respect in the heart ❤


  • swarnimasinghdeo 76w

    कहानी हमारी यूँ चलती रहेगी
    फ़साना हमारा यूँ बनता रहेगा
    जहां भी कभी बात इश्क़ की होगी
    हमारा उदाहरण ही दिया जाएगा ।
    मोहब्बत मे अक्सर लोग है धोखा ही खाते
    कोई हमसे पूछे कैसे दिन रात हमने बिताये
    यू पत्थर के बनके ही सीखा मैने जीना
    किसी का यूँ बनके किसी पे यूँ मरना
    ये इश्क़ का बड़ा सुखदायी सफर है
    सिर्फ तुम हो सिर्फ मैं हु
    सिर्फ हम ही जहान हैं।


  • swarnimasinghdeo 80w

    Happy Diwali fellas! May your life get filled with happiness !!


  • swarnimasinghdeo 85w

    And then I survived the pain I thought I won't be able too .
    I am above the past I thought I could never live without .
    I am a whole new me now . Everything seems so changed inside me..
    The people I thought were my life are just now In my whatsapp blocked list .
    They keep pinging me in a month or two in different apps here and there
    And I just give a calm reaction by just blocking them again ..
    Things are just so right now ..Happy ,Calm peaceful and just the way i wanted always!!