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  • suurinlex 12w

    Old and New

    Old collapsed. She had broken her body down. Her will: gone. Between the rippling self-loathing, and the starving of the self, she completely lost sight of the light. Scars littered her body, her soul glumly hung to her bones. She curled up in bed, shivering, sobbing. All was cold, and dark. She lay in the chasm of the self.
    A moment later, she felt her soul crack.
    Black slime spewed out from her chest. It moved towards the closet. Then it began to take shape. Old cried out. She trembled in fear. The shape spoke, "I am you. I am New." They whispered. Old studied the creature. They rivaled her in size and closely resembled a wolf. "What do you want?" Old asked. "Is this... What you want?" New replied as they gestured to Old's person. "I don't want to be miserable anymore. I want my pain to end." Said Old, defeated. New frowned. They grabbed Old, dusted her off, and whispered words of praise. Old cried again, but this time she was comforted by New's warm coat. New gently tended to Old's wounds and wiped away her tears.
    New would never allow Old to get to such a dark, abysmal recess again. Old stared into her eyes. New smiled at her and roared deep inside, awakening long forgotten hope. New spoke of balance and self-care. New was much stronger and more resilient. They had sharp teeth and a coat of steel. They were fearless. Old liked that about them. New spoke of the light in darkness, the darkness in light, and how they always must be entwined equally. They spoke of the need of self-love and respect. They pointed out all Old's strengths, and gently encouraged improvement where she was weak. Old had many values that New cherished. She was sweet and warmhearted. Sadly, Old had been taken advantage of many times. New would not let that come to pass again.
    After chatting a while, New took Old's hand, "Now... It's time for us to weave together." They whispered. Old's eyes filled with worry, but it quickly dissipated when met with the warm loving gaze of New. She did not feel so alone anymore.
    The two became one again. Vowing to never forget one another, and to always remain balanced.

  • suurinlex 12w

    Your eyes

    Your eyes
    They are otherworldly and bright

    Your irises remind me of the sea
    With ebbs and flows
    I marvel in their brilliance
    Get lost in their colors
    Bury myself in their furrows
    Each peak and valley of every crypt
    I study carefully

    Your eyes
    Tell me secrets

    They whisper of your pain
    Purr of your kindness
    Reflect inner light
    Glow with pride
    As they lock gaze with mine

    Your eyes
    Tell me of your soul

    One that is draped in darkness but within is a astounding light

    So come out for a moment
    from your blanket of dark matter
    and shine

  • suurinlex 12w


    I hope you embrace every facet of your person.
    I hope you shine brilliantly in the face of opposition.
    I hope you love yourself to the brim and beyond.
    I hope your wings reach greater heights as you learn to love each piece of your identity.
    I hope you realize that your identity is special and personal.
    I hope you acknowledge the importance of your existence.
    And most of all, I hope you don't give up.

    We exist
    We are loved
    We matter

  • suurinlex 12w


    Warm fur
    Amber eye

    Steel bone

    Gold heart
    Iron will

    Surrounded by
    Lethal fang
    Razor claw

    I am safe

  • suurinlex 12w


    In my life I have been
    A temporary figure of many people's lives
    I used to think I did something wrong
    And they did not hear me despite my cries

    But now that I am weathered
    I believe it to be
    That I am a harbor
    A safe place for thee

    Many come and go
    Sharing pain and growth
    I give them refuge
    Tis part of my oath

    Let down your sail
    Tie your self to my rafters
    Get warm by my fire
    Tell me your next chapter

    I weave the wings of the broken
    And nurture their soul
    Despite what it costs me
    I love to console

    So many have shared in
    This abundance of light
    I should have enough
    To navigate the night

    What I used to let hurt me
    Is now my greatest gift
    I harbor your ship
    When life is adrift

    Tis a pleasure of mine
    To protect your light
    Your sails are safe
    In this stormy night