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  • sushil5554 3d


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    We live in a society
    of fear and shame.
    It leads the heart to
    incorrigible pain.

    The values it was founded for
    are forgotten and lost.
    The stupidity remains
    and we share the cost.

    For the love is hated and hate is loved.
    Kindness is lost and fake gestures revered.
    The world of no rules seems scary,
    but adhering to rules which breaks will,
    turn out to be scarier still.

    So let the boundaries be remade,
    for the world has changed enough,
    when the cup overflows
    the water is not to be blamed,
    it's just the time to change the cup.

  • sushil5554 1w

    आज जो लोग मेरी दोस्ती की तौहीन किया करते हैं,

    किसी दिन तरस जाएंगे, सच्चे दोस्त के एहसास को।

  • sushil5554 2w

    such a beautiful word.
    But often people misuse,
    as per their wish and muse.
    They are businessmen,
    Lo and behold
    they pay a few sweet words,
    and buy your heart, a steal snip.
    Yet your perspective is
    of a innocent kid,
    who keeps the word
    without realising the game
    and fills the heart with pain.
    and when the motive ends,
    the businessmen disappears,
    leaving a hollow space
    where the heart was placed.
    So keep your heart safe,
    for few are true friends
    and the rest are just players
    of the ulterior game.

  • sushil5554 2w

    Not everyone who shows affection actually care for you.
    So learn to be happy with yourself.

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    Be careful for whom
    you open the doors for your heart.
    Some just have the intention
    of filling the heart with tears.

  • sushil5554 9w

    Happy Valentine's Day folks ��

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    Love is selfless, caring and basis for true friendship

  • sushil5554 34w

    Sometimes I feel sad,
    not for myself but for the others,
    people who have been hurt.
    They have been their trust broken,
    so much that they can't believe
    that selflessness and kindness can exist.

    They see the kindness as stupidity
    and if someone is selfless, they
    keep on searching the hidden motives,
    even when there is none.

    I keep wondering how the world
    became so cold hearted and dark.
    Just few years ago we were happy
    kids who used to enjoy playing
    behind our houses with the brothers
    and sisters with whom we had no
    relation, but of pure humanity.

    Where do those people went
    who cared for others and used to
    do random gestures of small kindness.
    When they used to give seat to old men
    and weak ladies, out of respect.
    And now even though seats are reserved.
    The respect is gone, humility is gone.

    I wonder where those guys went
    who used to consider girls in school
    as their sisters and respect them,
    instead of falling for every girl who looks beautiful, and same goes for girls who
    used to call the boys as their brothers
    since they believed so, and not just for taunting.

    When every person cared for beggars,
    not treating them as leeches on society
    but as humans with suffering and in need.
    When the parents cared for their children
    not for the hope of them taking care in old age,
    but because they were their own flesh and blood.

    Even though things look the same outside,
    even though a child touches a parents feet,
    even though for showoff, but it doesn't matter.
    Since when the things are not done for right reasons,
    it is as good as not doing the things.

    Humanity is dying and we are the last hope.
    Sit alone, introspect and reflect on your actions,
    day after day, to realise in ourselves,
    what legacy are we planning to leave
    for our future generations.

  • sushil5554 37w

    Sometimes we meet people by chance,
    not knowing that,
    those people will be there
    to shape our entire life.

  • sushil5554 39w

    Seeing myself in mirror
    Noticed sparkle in my eyes,

    that is good enough reason
    to be cheerful throughout the day.


  • sushil5554 40w

    Even if the world is against you

    You will still win if

    Your own self believes in you.

  • sushil5554 42w

    Care for those who
    are willing to wait for you
    when you are broken
    they are there for you.

    In good times there are many
    who will like to be with you
    but those are not friends
    only profit seekers.