Chunks of happiness lies in a plate of well decorated words ����>>�� Shine✨

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  • sush_1501 2w

    #art #wod

    My thoughts need words
    Those words need you

    After long, I peep again
    After long, I tried again

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    Piece of peace

    The day I started to know words and tried presenting some arrays of perfection, they denied at a go. They never left me yet never came to be in better ways.

    When some turned vague, new ones arrived
    Enhancing my thin line of awareness
    Emphasizing skills with sparkles of novelty
    I'm grateful.

    Crooked, broken, reused over and over again
    I don't blame them( the mundane presentation)
    But my thoughts
    Which restricted

    Looking back, I'm no surprise
    I adore it
    The flow carried me well
    When none could

    My thoughts could not have mates better than,

  • sush_1501 4w

    Could you have me back?
    A Forgiveness I ask for
    To be a part of the ocean
    Once more..

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    To my words..

    Parts of every parcel you've been
    Drops of every monsoon you've seen
    Breaths of every music that I left
    Part of me was embraced time and again

  • sush_1501 15w

    I wanted to add on words and more of it
    Meanwhile thoughts resided pen subsided.

  • sush_1501 17w

    A positive change should never be delayed��❤️

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    Just know that :

    The biggest regret turns out to be the phase when you realise that you remained completely unlearned from your mistakes. Neither mistakes can be undone nor you did correct them. The only thing to be implemented is that you prevent it from being a habit. Incase it's a habit now, know that you need to change. Change is constant but now it should be a priority.

  • sush_1501 22w

    Instant healing therapy��(no doubt)

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    Mumma's Hug

    They smell solution
    To panting problems

  • sush_1501 22w

    Can't deny, we all fall a prey..
    Shallow acceptance nothing serious.

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    Slow flow...

    Subtle ephemeral entries into your life just let you sink in melodramatic verse, may be are the things that you yearned for ages but then what about those nights where you struggled for your upper lashes to meet the lower, you wanted to be heard but there wasn't any hole beside. They enter, interrupt the regularity, would definitely leave by the time they are satisfied or find their secondary host. Their coelom holds no guilt, for they are those fleeting visitors who needs to germinate within several to complete their cycle. They just victimize us enhancing the zeal of our innocent dopamine and oxytocin.

  • sush_1501 26w

    A day to recall our obligations towards the epitome whom we have been sharing with a trillion lively species and the lifeless,it's O U R MOTHER E A R TH
    who have been adoring us with all our miscreants.
    Take few whiles, a brief haitus from cheking her patience.

    ..... .................����������................ .....

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    "The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it." 
    ~ Barry Commoner

  • sush_1501 28w

    We cry, cause we expect things to be better.( Life to be beautiful). Expectations are bad only when it's not from ourselves.
    P.S.: If there's none to water your dreams, let your eyes take the lead. Your dreams would surely bloom.


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  • sush_1501 28w

    Eventually the pen left,
    Enduring were those lessons
    On the tear-stained folios

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    It left,
    Singing the unsung lullabies


  • sush_1501 28w

    Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar~ EB White

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    Tongue stuttered,
    pen spilled it over.
    Grammar ruled, but
    those unpolished verses overruled.