I fall in love with words

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  • susann 1d

    Golden Heart-(Day18)

    A master piece
    They called it
    A soul of the people
    A reflection of goodness
    Is what it used to be
    It's kindness and love
    Upset and uplifted equally
    In the end it exploded
    They broke the glass
    Tore the heart up
    Stomped on its ink
    And spit on its remains
    The ugliness of envy
    Jealousy and greed
    With time
    It stood tall again
    Patched up with gold
    Embracing it's cracks
    And praising it's scars
    A symbol of strength
    It became
    To all broken hearts

  • susann 2d


    One family
    My chosen family
    Sisters we were
    A sacred relationship
    But it was your deception game
    You were a distraction
    Destroying anything you touch
    Called yourself a victim
    With sweet poisonous tears
    You betrayed our friendship
    You wore your mask perfectly
    You had my love
    Maybe I could understand
    I gave you chances
    And fed your ego
    You became overconfident
    Lies sinks ships
    You lost your story
    You lost a friend
    I lost my trust in you

  • susann 2d

    Scale- (Day16)

    Haunted in a circle of fire
    Wilding to the energy
    Bewildered in a trance
    A game of survival
    A primal instinct
    A scale of balance

  • susann 3d

    My Escape-(Day15)

    When you come on
    My whole body moves
    A vibration
    Taking me to a high place
    My calm and safe space
    You give me peace of mind
    Light up my spirit
    And show me love

  • susann 5d

    Home- (Day14)

    Home is where the heart is
    A place you are most authentic
    A place that offers comfort
    A place that warms you up
    A place that never complains
    A place that never judges
    A place that uplifts you
    A place you are most vulnerable
    A place that keeps your secrets
    A place that is friendly
    A place that is lovely
    Everyday with sincererity
    A place where thoughts are still
    A place where love is free
    Home is where you choose to be

  • susann 5d

    Sun and Moon- (Day13)

    He sings and dances
    To his own rhythm
    Charming and intoxicating
    Men and women seek him
    But the moonlight
    A soul collector
    Drives him to violence
    Makes him seek vengeance
    Unaware of his nature
    Delusions haunt him
    A mutual friendship
    Two parallel souls
    In one body
    Unknown to the host

  • susann 1w

    Reunion- (Day12)

    She looked into the mirror
    But didn't recognize herself
    She saw a bruised image
    Scars and uncertainty
    A stranger in the mirror
    Her eyes were dejected
    And her lips formed a smile
    "Who are you?
    Why are you so sad?
    Why are you smiling?
    I don't understand
    My face feels new to me"
    She said
    Every passing second
    She saw herself change
    All the illusion dissolving
    An exposition
    As I watched her I realized
    With every breath she took
    Her body language softened
    She was on a sacred space
    She felt safe
    Embracing the stranger in the mirror
    A reunion of thy Self
    A celebration
    "Welcome home Love"

  • susann 1w

    Back to Life- (Day11)

    I have been searching
    Exploring, wandering
    In my dreams
    In my books
    In my music
    In nature
    Pure absurdity
    All this while
    I never gave you a chance
    I never had time
    I was 'too busy'
    I forgot to see your face
    Still your patience
    Kindness and mercy
    Was abundant for me
    You showered my spirit with tenderness
    You bathed my body with love
    And you showed me Heaven

  • susann 1w

    Favorite Place

    I don't have a physical place where I go to write
    I write when I'm quiet
    When the room is dead silent
    When my heart is happy and when it's hurt
    When my eyes are sparkly and when they are teary
    When I'm listening to music
    When I'm hanging out with my family
    When I'm meditating...
    My favorite place to write is wherever I am

  • susann 1w

    Fantasy- (Day 10)

    Nights like this
    I think of your face
    On the starry sky
    I try to piece you together
    A beautiful fantasy
    A mysterious adventure
    Passion and admiration
    I close my eyes
    Take a deep breath
    And wonder if you are real.