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  • sus_annee 26w

    Toxic game

    Here we are
    Playing the game we only knew how to loose
    Oh! How could we be such fools
    To think we could do better without even knowing the rules
    Well back to the beginning
    The constant push and pull

    You smile, I smile and so we dance
    Around each other like in a never ending trance
    All too willing to take shelter in our lies
    Some could say we were hypnotized
    But we liked to play the game one step at a time
    Hoping one day we would cross the finish line

    And so we continue never ending waltz
    Like actors on a stage we play our parts
    We learnt quickly how to trade with scars
    Our own messed up version of ace cards
    And after all the steps we've passed
    I keep on wondering
    How long does this toxic game last?

  • sus_annee 32w


    He was fire
    She had gone mad with pyromania
    He ignited the flame
    She loved the pain
    He watched her burn
    While she called out his name

  • sus_annee 33w

    And when they looked upon it
    they couldn't understand it
    He, she, they? They couldn't quite define it
    Nothing they'd ever seen before
    They didn't know what to call it
    Its skin was dark with eyes an abnormally deep hue
    Never had they seen hair so curly
    They really didn't have a clue

    As the years past, it grew like art
    As they gazed upon it, shocked it was a woman
    But that couldn't be possible
    she looked like nothing anybody knew
    Frightened and alarmed they tried to control it
    Told her what to wear and the features she could keep
    She had to flatten her hair, they had just the right chemical for it
    It had to be perfect or she dare not sleep
    But yet still she didn't quite fit
    Her golden brown eyes they could not change
    So they made sure to remind her of how strange
    The curves of her hips they secretly envied
    But still laughed and said she was quite heavy
    And thus the change began, slow and steady

    And there she stood with the passage of time
    Her skin now bleached, they say it looks divine
    The contours of her body have now been hidden
    She could never forget that it was forbidden
    Once upon a time a rare beauty was born
    They could not understand it so they made her conform