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  • suruchimallik 45w

    Just need someone to share all those things with.
    #trips #paintings #mirakee #experience

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    Plans are laid out,
    Destination has been decided,
    Where to stay, what to eat,
    When to wake up and what all should be done,
    Everything is set up!
    Outfits for the days have been finalized
    And even what kind of emotions I might
    Feel during a certain moment has also been thought about.
    Just need someone to share and experience all those things with:)

  • suruchimallik 46w

    To all the Women's out there...

    Never feel you are not enough!
    You are fearless, amazing, and more than anyone can think of.

    Happy Women's Day❤

  • suruchimallik 46w

    Her heart a Buried Treasure

    Her heart is a buried treasure,
    And if ought to seek it...
    Be patient, persistent, and hang in there...
    Let her open up...
    Her emotions are guarded,
    Her walls are up high...
    And once you find that heart you desire,
    Take care of it like no other
    And if with time your love starts fading and you don't feel the way you did once...
    Do not fight, do not shout, do not break her heart.
    She's been through a lot, and if you have hurt her
    Let me tell you that wall you once broke have started building once,
    Higher than the last time, not wanting to be in same position ever again.

  • suruchimallik 47w

    Knowing something is not going to happen and still clinging and dwelling on the thought with a hope that I might happen is the most shattering kind of poverty which tends to exist where we are emotionally involved.

  • suruchimallik 47w

    Fear and Oblivion

    Your worst nightmare or your darkest fear,
    Can be the most blissfull thing that ever happened to you...
    Cuz sometimes we fear things, moments, people whom we don't want to loose, are afraid to face or just because we are living in the Oblivion to push it as far as we can.
    So buck up and face your fears!

  • suruchimallik 48w

    Secret or Sin

    There's a burning desire thats burning within...
    A toxic wish to taste me like a Secret or Sin!

  • suruchimallik 50w

    Eyes Spies to Dhappa

    Somewhere from shouting "Aais Pais" in the game of hide and seek to realizing it's actually "Eyes Spies!" We all grew up
    But the game of Hide and Seek that began years ago... never ended cuz we are yet to shout "Dhappa" to life craving for a spin off to the time the game began, to restart it all again and to never feel that the "Dhappa " was too far away to be touched, realized or screamed.
    Bachpan to chala gya par ab bhi Bachpana Baaki hai!!!

  • suruchimallik 50w


    Sometimes all you have to do is strive, push through and create what you have dreamt of...
    And when you do that, it shall comfort your disturbed soul and disturb your chaotic mind!

  • suruchimallik 52w

    Things and their Ways!

    Things don't always happen the way we want or think it's going to happen in a supposed manner, for which the supposition is also our imagination, thinking and enticements...
    At times things do have their own ways and those things are just as stubborn as You or I can be. They won't bow down to your needs... it will just happen when it has to happen when its the right time.
    Maybe when you least expect it!

  • suruchimallik 53w

    Artists are sensitive

    You did say a little and they will remember till eternity,
    You did curse they will end up questioning themselves.
    You did appreciate them and they will remember every single word of appreciation,
    You did hurt them and they won't forget about it.
    And you did love them...
    You will find yourself in their creations...
    Their art, their writings, their reminisces, their memories.