Epiphany lost in a world that doesn't exist not like the rest of them

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  • surrealepiphany 6w

    Lovers to strangers

    Hundred days passed,
    You wouldn't call my name
    You wouldn't say you've changed
    And you had me chained
    Clinging to the ashes
    Of the person who used to love me.

    Soon after another hundred days,
    I changed too,
    I didn't write about you,
    You weren't the one in my head
    Not even when I heard the song,
    The one that told the tale of our love,
    Everything was gone,
    And soon, it was only the audience who had watched,
    That remembered that we'd ever been almost lovers.


  • surrealepiphany 9w


    The crippling sense of death
    pretty brown eyes
    haunted by weeks of self loathe
    and an empty hole
    black abyss where the heart used to be

    It's pointless
    that's not part of it
    delete the whole thing
    one wish for a trip to November.


  • surrealepiphany 10w

    A hundred lies for a hundred days

    We lasted only a hundred days

    But if there was a way

    I'd go back and erase everything

    the way you smiled at me everytime you saw me

    the way you craved the feel of my skin against yours

    I'd erase the kisses we shared

    and the nights we spent in each other's arms

    and the one hundred lies you told me

    I'd erase it all.


  • surrealepiphany 10w

    I'm not sad

    I miss my mum

    I miss my baby too

    bigger me 

    and smaller me

    and ten year old Becca

    I know first-hand that that little girl

    deserves so much more

    why can't I give her that

    I wish I could leave her alone

    because I'm not any good

    but how do you lose a friend

    the friend you never could separate yourself from?

    I wonder if I could ever make them happy,

    all three of them,

    before I fade away. 


  • surrealepiphany 16w

    My perfect hallucination

    If angels don't exist then you're all in my head

    And if that's all you are,

    An illusion that my mind has created 

    You are such perfection 

    And you are so beautiful

    Though there is nothing feminine about you

    You are all masculine

    From your scent, 

    To the strength of your arms

    And right up to your warm beautiful golden eyes,

    That seem to be filled with stardust

    My beautiful flawless angel,

    Leave your golden stardust on my flesh

    So that I may become like you.

    And if that's all you are, a mere hallucination,

    A figment of my broken imagination,

    Then remain in my head,

    I won't let go of you.