If there is poetry left to write, I’ll find it in your eyes. DOCTOR

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  • surajpaneru 20w

    Bad days are like a mans best friend ..... as it always teaches you something when around and when it leaves ....... Good days follow ... something to think about !

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Dosti tab Tak dosti nahi hai, jab tak aap dost ko dhoka na do

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Freckles above Filters

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Maintain decency...

    Its social media not your home...

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Things I Learned From SALMAN KHAN

    1.Respond Less To Negativity And Your Life Becomes More Peaceful.

    2.You Can't Change How People Think About You, So Don't Try. Just Live Your Life And Be Happy.

    3.Keep Those Negative People Out Of Your Life Who Don't Appreciate You.

    4.You Can Get Through Bad Times And Keep
    Looking For Better Ones, As Long As You Have People Who Love You.

    5.You May Not Be Able To Control Every Situation And It's Outcome But You Can Control Your Attitude And How You Deal With It.

    6.Help Others But Don't Expect Anything From Them In Return. Continue Helping Others.

    7.Don't Curse Anyone Just Let Go.

    8.Go Up And Never Stop

    9.All Religions Lead To The Same God And All Deserve The Same Respect.

    10.I am neither Muslim nor Hindu. I am an Indian.

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Every goodnight kiss should lead to sex

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Your ego's loss is your gain

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Two of the most famous football goals of all time. Both in the same world cup match against England. One from the hand of God, and the other from the foot of God

  • surajpaneru 20w

    Maradona has died. Football is now a game for atheists

  • surajpaneru 20w

    If the hurt healed, it wasn't love