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    Beauty is pain and so is love

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    La vida es buena, la vida es genial, todos sangramos rojo, así que no hay necesidad de odiar

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    Quote: "The sky is the limit, how far can you go?"

    Don't just dream
    Dream big!
    Put your skills to the test
    Show the world you're very best
    Ask for more don't ask for less
    It's up to you to have success

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    Friends is like a tree,
    They come and go from your life,
    The truth one will stay beside you.

    Some friends like a leave,
    They come when you have everything
    but when you have nothing they go.

    Some friends like tree branches,
    They love you and caring but they always
    busy with their work and life,
    They don't have time with you.

    Some friends are like roots,
    They stay with you in a bad and in a happy life.
    They help you and always beside you.
    This is hard to find.
    If you already have one,
    Don't break their trust.

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    Odd One Out

    Nobody understands, why I am the way
    I am.
    All these years I was the odd one out,
    suffering with mental illness.
    I bang my head and spins out of
    control, everyday.
    My family loves me, but has no idea
    What I'm going through.
    From one day, to another
    I need the support from my loving

    My mind don't work the same way
    Sometimes I'm full of rage and
    sometimes I'm okay.
    I yell in people faces,
    And hears voices all around me.
    Most of the time lost and dazed.
    With no help from the system, I can't
    They put my name on the list again.
    Ten percent of my anger never gonna end.

  • superstar18 196w


    She is a fire,
    A fire that everyone desires,
    She has a spark no one can burn out,
    She's a mystery, there is no doubt.

    Somehow she makes the world stay
    And tell the galaxy her game,
    The stars play by the rules,
    For they know her name.

    She has a dangerous soul,
    That no one can hold,
    You can try and reach for it,
    You can try and find out her secrets,
    But you will not succeed,
    She is a secret herself,
    How can this be?

    I'll tell you how she broke free,
    From a world that only wished for her to
    She looked into the mirror and let go,
    Of what this earth told her she should
    And what she should know.

    She accepted that perfect is only for
    And that she will never be,
    A girl that looks and acts,
    The way the world wishes to see.

    When she broke free from the world,
    She left her chains on the ground,
    And now she stays with the stars,
    Where she is safe and sound.

    She wished she would cry no more,
    And her wishes came true,
    She's a burning star herself,
    In the sky,
    There's so much she can do.

    With a thousand lock on her heart,
    And her soul far away,
    She's the girl who knew,
    Freedom was waiting for her
    And she could not stay.

    This girl we call a mystery,
    Used to be like you and me,
    The only difference is,
    She had freedom
    She was brave enough to break free.

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    You Used To Hold

    You told me you cared,
    You ran your fingers through my hair,
    And told me you'd always be there.

    You said that I was your favorite song,
    That you and I belonged,
    But it wasn't long,
    Before all of you were gone.

    You were looking into my eyes,
    But when I blinked you were not there,
    I promise I tried not to cry,
    But the tears came as fast as a
    And I knew I had to let them be free,
    I couldn't let the hurt sit in me.

    You told me you were sorry,
    That you just felt like something wasn't
    And I believe you didn't follow your
    You only followed your eyes.

    You saw someone more beautiful than
    And you ran to bow to her at her feet,
    But I know you're only a murderer.

    I hope she sees through my smile,
    And looks at your shadows under your
    I hope she sees you are a man,
    That holds in his hand a gun.

    You only like to stop heart beats,
    You only wish to see them bleed,
    And you always succeed,
    Because your lies have killed me.

    Even though I'm aware,
    That you are false,
    I can't help but feel worthless,
    And that I lost.

    Because either way you held my heart in
    your left hand,
    And my soul in your right,
    So when you let them go,
    I become as cold as a winter night.

    It's safe to say I will never move on,
    You broke the record you listened to it all
    day long,
    Now I'm sitting alone,
    Hoping I will find my heart and soul,
    That long ago you used to hold.

  • superstar18 196w

    If Love Won't Stay

    The moment love became torture,
    Was the moment I hid my heart away.
    Love shouldn't be forced,
    Yet that's what it felt like each day.

    My heart never wanted you,
    But still you tried to hold it,
    I'm not giving you all of me,
    Because your heart and I never wanted to see.

    It's a love with cries because I never
    wanted you mine.
    Now I sit, thinking about how I can escape
    this fake love that I never fell into.

    I tried to love you, but loving you is
    something my heart won't do.

    So let me go, your hands are choking my
    heart, your not loving me,
    You are only ripping me apart.

    I looked out of the window, with my mind in
    another place,
    This person I have tried to love has only
    caused my heart to hate.

    I can only ask one thing of you,
    And that is leave me where you found
    But you still claim that I need you,
    You wouldn't want to hear the truth.

    The moment love became torture,
    Was the moment I hid my heart away,
    I know you just can't seem to
    That I can't love if love won't stay.