a masked villian getting all he deserves

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  • supasesh 8h

    #is this even a poem?

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    Life can really suck
    Get fucked
    Dragging your feet
    Through the dirt and muck
    Baby I got charm
    Where the fuck is luck?
    But I'll still double down
    Even with just one buck
    Ugly duckling
    Turned money hungry duck
    Try to steal the look
    But the feathers don't pluck

  • supasesh 10h

    When you get naked,
    I can see your soul,
    Fingers crossed hoping I make it,
    Even love can take its toll.

    When it gets this real,
    Its hard to fake it,
    Please ask dont steal,
    But if you need just take it.

    The abyss that's in my mind,
    Riddles dipped in love,
    Are you certain on what you'll find,
    Notes flying on a dove.

    Side tracked,
    Because you have eyes like fucking Aphrodite,
    Double packed,
    Please lay with me and talk to the stars at night.

    Grams in a bag 45 on the dresser,
    Imma get a gold grill,
    Head strong Hard trust Imma press her,
    Stability is hard through a pill.

    New wave Imma get swept in,
    Let the water wash away the scars,
    New thoughts let them set in,
    Bottle them up and keep them in some Jars.

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    Its the same thing, just with gold tint baby

  • supasesh 5d

    Dead eyes from old habits,
    Hard to keep focus when I never had it,
    In my head, white noise and static,
    Come real, the world needs no more fake plastic,
    Take your shot, instead of taking someone's else's and tryna stab it

  • supasesh 1w

    You can catch me on the highrise
    Catch a bag when the sun shine
    No hold ups from the old time
    Payed dues to the stars now they all align

    No lies baby I live for the hard truth
    3 lines, pretty eyes and I'm the living proof
    3 cards, play em well and you won't need a roof
    You can catch me on the highrise
    Catch a bag when the sun shine
    Payed dues, new rules, you can see the change within my eyes

  • supasesh 1w

    Cold nights in October
    Reminiscing on all the shit I never told ya

    Smashing pumpkins, Do you trust me with your heart?
    Vampire bit my neck
    but the bite looks like art

    Skeletons in your closest
    Your body in my bed
    Warm hearts fade out,
    But a cold one stays dead
    So let's freeze this love
    Make it last
    Halloween all year, but the cold october will come and pass

  • supasesh 1w

    I just want to be dead
    Hate all these thoughts inside my head
    But fuck, mama ain't raise no quiter
    Trying to make some sense but I don't see the figure
    So Imma fuck off
    Hide myself inside my room
    Nothing new like I always do
    Fix my self sell my health for some love
    I need wealth, strategic stealth and to move with the shove
    But shit
    I just wanna be dead
    Hate all these thoughts inside my head
    Looks like when an angel begins its fall
    Bruised knuckles and blood in the hall
    Whatever it takes to get it all
    Water up to my chin
    Smiling becuase there is where the fun will begin

  • supasesh 1w

    New life
    Killed my old self
    For a better me
    I've been finding
    In myself
    all these different

    So it's
    Both ends lit
    So I
    might as well
    Enjoy my time
    Now I
    Know I can't
    Fuck, I'm halfway
    Up the climb

    Clean teeth
    Pearl vision
    Got rid of
    Old habits
    I lost

    Latest edition
    Thank the stars


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    The sprites whisper of good times coming

  • supasesh 2w

    Holy shit
    Quick dip
    Now it's five times a week
    Can't quit
    Right tip
    Still I don't like to speak
    New trick
    Don't blink
    Finding hills after the peak

    New wave
    Lavish faze
    Butane and match to the power
    Old maze
    Fresh pace
    Force 61 mins into an hour
    Sober face
    Loving place
    A weed turned to a flower

  • supasesh 3w

    I Always just got by, by being always just alright

    Realized it's still loosing, even if I refuse to fight 

    Now I want to be buried in a gold coffin, jewels in my casket makes the fit tight

    A burnt out boy with a dim light recieved a vision that reignited the fire so bright

    No longer slide by, it's time to slide through

    No longer applying the least, it's time to show all that I can do

    Its literally insane to stay in this dark haze it's time to start a new

    They say If the boot fits then wear it, but mother fuckers i've outgrown that shoe

  • supasesh 3w

    Finding pride in having none

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    Lost words bite me up on my ass
    King amongst jesters but I'll slip past
    I loose track of my time
    while yours goes to fast

    Two left feet
    and I don't know where the fuck I'm going
    Comfort in ignorance
    but someone is always left in the knowing

    My head is fucked
    but isn't it fun?
    My quietness boxes me up
    and leaves me no where to run