I feel, I observe, I write and therefore I exist!!

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  • sunset_in_autumn 4w

    Of God!!

    I have no demands, no complains,
    No hope, no joy and no pain.
    No expectations, No disappointments,
    And Nothing to rebel.
    I have no sin to dispel,
    No philanthropic act to tell.
    I neither fear hell,
    Nor have greed for heaven to dwell.
    All I have is indifference and silent night
    In which I see me bathing in light.
    Decaying, with every passing breath
    Approaching death, getting old.
    Welcoming life as it unfolds!!

    Who shall I pray to??
    What for??
    And whom for?


  • sunset_in_autumn 11w

    Hindu by Culture
    Christian by Education
    Sufi by Dignity
    Sikh by Integrity
    Buddhist by Simplicity.
    I am a mosaic of all religion
    I AM A HUMAN!!


  • sunset_in_autumn 12w

    #death #life #meaning #sin #hell #heaven #pod #mirakee

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Death after life, or life after death,
    mystical distinction between sense and purpose!!

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    Post- mortem

    Burn my journals, thee.
    Embalm me with the ashes,
    And bury me.
    Along with soil,
    Pour your griefs, agonies, regrets and fears.
    As I have none of my own.
    There's lot to learn, accept the turmoil,
    Don't swamp my coffin with tears.
    Journey of descend will be dark and gloomy,
    I shall be afraid and alone.
    Remember me and frequently visit me
    I will help u carry the stone.
    Whenever you seek meaning in life,
    Come, come to me, sit and see.
    Worms feeding on my bloated existence,
    Bacteria, insects, sucking marrows out of life
    Overwhelmingly, with no hesistance.
    See how life lurks in death,
    And how death dangles with life.
    Come, see my debris
    And see how triviality runs rife.
    See me, lying deep in perpetual peace
    Perpetually decaying piece by piece.
    Whenever you contemplate about afterlife,
    And wish to unravel heaven and hell
    Come, come to me, sit and dwell.
    You will find as you dig deep
    There's neither heaven nor hell.
    No eternal judges,
    No divine blessings, no grudges.
    Only A cadaverous and gaunt skull,
    With no sin to atone
    No virtues to reap.
    Lying contented, taking rest,
    Muffling all the quests.
    Smiling at something unseen, unknown!!


  • sunset_in_autumn 18w

    #harmony #war #wall #division #destruction #penningforpeace #god #pod

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Saddened by the ongoing war in Israel- Palestine.
    Penning to appeal for peace.

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    It is a tragic story of the holy land,
    Bleeding lives, peace is dead.
    Holiness bombed by human's hand,
    Conscience is oblivious on the death bed.
    Amongst the sufferers, two are main,
    One with Quran, the other with Bible.
    Calling out for mercy in excruciating pain,
    Begging for humanity's survival.
    Wounded heavily,cries for harmony.
    Unheard, unfelt amidst war's cacophony.
    With weary souls, holding each other,
    Down they crawl.
    As inhuman mankind is busy
    Defining boundaries, and building wall.
    With mournful heart and teary eyes,
    With trembling hand, and sorrow sigh,
    They turned the pages of their book.
    Every page, every single verse they looked.
    Wondering in anguish, where did they go wrong!
    Each verse preached love and peace,
    Then why destruction and land boring deceased?
    Alas, humans' ignorance is too strong.
    They decided not to stay,
    As humans have gone astray.
    Crucified by the fight, pitying the plight,
    They left the promised land,
    Holding each other's hand.
    Mosque is there, Temple is there.
    But the LIGHT is gone.
    Sapiens still quarreling over their share.
    Darkness all around, doomsday set to dawn.

    Merciless acts in the name of most merciful.
    Brutal attacks in the name of benevolent.
    The holy city of God battles vanity
    As dark clouds of Irony rains insanity.


  • sunset_in_autumn 24w

    Arcane Amorist

    Leaves jewelled by drops of dew
    Night slumbered, twilight wizened
    fading silhouette, sky changing hues.
    As sun leisurely rises from heart of horizon.
    Greets the ocean, kisses orangish hill
    Birds chirp, trees begin to work.
    New hope, new start is nature's will.

    Leafy hands wake up the sleeping lily
    With scented eyes I watch stilly.
    Fragile, delicate yet boundless beauty it holds,
    Embracing what's inside, gracefully it unfolds.
    Lush, colourful blooms and fervent smell.
    I know who is casting the divine spell.

    Above, dark pregnant clouds swirls
    Rain pitter patters on humid emotions.
    Quenches thirst of oysters in oceans
    Transforms forlorn souls into pearls.
    Tender breeze relaying petrichor
    Undusting the dusted heart.
    Dispersion begins playing it's part
    As sky tastes the rainbow's piquant flavour.
    Few saw, many missed as it quickly departed
    But a plain philosophy it imparted.
    "Missing chances and delaying is rife,
    Time is less, live fully in the evanescent life."

    After the day's impalpable rot
    Slowly creeping up the chasm, it is dusk
    Clouds fragmented with sunset's musk.
    Apollo sketches scenaries with
    Alluring strokes of abendrot.
    With no hurry, no worry
    Sun calmly hangs at the horizon in peace.
    In complete fulfilment, solace it release.
    Embracing the ending, it smiles at the earth.
    In burning redamancy,
    Blessed us with moon's birth.
    Sun closed his eyes, and took the last breath.
    For the first time, I fell in love with death.

    Departure made the twilight fonder.
    Dusk's cordolium transformed
    into aesthetic aurora light.
    Nubivagant thoughts with moon ponder
    On mellifluous silence of the silvery night.
    "Falling is inevitable, but fall with grace.
    We shine not in bright but in dark space."
    Whispered shooting stars
    While kissing my scars.
    I travel cosmos and skies,
    As poetry of night I adore.
    Preserving a fainted lily and two fireflies
    On my heart's stoned shore.

    //Darling, every single scene of today
    Reminded me of you.
    For where there is divine display
    My heart knows it is you.
    For you are a mosaic of all those ethereal views
    That I walked through//


  • sunset_in_autumn 26w

    BLack Swan

    It's little past midnight. Pale moon, lucid stars, wistful wind,me and my emotions frozen to the soul. Inactivity, coldness in and out. Clouds heavy with emotional mayhem veiling the moon, yet the moonlight penetrates through the light illuminating the duvet of stoicism, muffler of acceptance that are lying frosted in the dark.
    // Memories shivering of cold//

    I burn the wet woods of loneliness with blaze of philosophy. No fire,but wisp of smoke forever rising and choking me.Out of breathlessness, I look around. There is a seductive highway persistently persuading my forlorn eyes with enticing warm gaze. Highway is less travelled by, reluctant I am but the warmth is promising and I stroll down the memory lane.
    // Emotions melting in bliss//

    I see us sitting down, bathing in moonlight as I ramble in the alley of amnesia. Cuddling each other, drenching in love. Ruddy moon flirting with you, bright stars twinkling to woo you, playful zephyr embracing your sleek curls. Nature was desperate that night. Envious of me, moon swooned, stars slept and zephyr turned around, for they knew you were mine.
    // Mercury rising, blood diluted with nostalgia//

    Restless sun nudging the horizon to kiss you.Your eyes awakening dawn, giving rise to the thoughts of infinite. I see myself bathing in bliss besides you. You shy yourself in me, the touch so ecstatic, so fervent and whisper " together till eternity".
    //Fire is horrendous, outrageous now//

    Heart pumps fast, pupils dilate, tissues burn, melancholic blood draining out. Soul shrinking in pure starvation. All burnt but eyes and I lie dead with longing eyes dewed with saudade. Promises, togetherness till eternity crucified and hungered by wrath of reality feeds on decaying me.
    // Conflagration//

    My eyes smile as a black swan sits besides me. Pitying the plight, settling karmas, she closes my eyes.The touch so ecstatic, so fervent, so familiar. Casts her spell, heals the burnt, brings me back to life. Why?
    To die again!!
    // There is no Nirvana for memories//


  • sunset_in_autumn 33w

    #moon #fakeness #moonlight sonata #existence #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Van Gogh was the painter of Starry Night.

    No offense to any poet here or in literature!!

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    I feel sorry for the Moon.
    For I have not gone astray
    by its faking light.
    I see it masquerading by reflecting sunlight.
    I see the cold, dark, naked Moon
    behind the silver facade.
    With no atmosphere of hope,
    no water to quench the yearning.
    So calm yet violent.
    So smooth yet turbulent.
    Choking in languid grief,
    it forever swoons.

    I feel sorry for the Moon.
    I see it abandoned during the day.
    As if it never existed.
    It is only when the sun sets
    and night starts to wake
    we start noticing it.

    I feel sorry for the Moon.
    We call it waning
    When it starts showing its side.
    And call for a New Moon
    when it stops faking itself.
    When Moon is Moon,
    we say there is no Moon.
    For we are advocates of fakeness.

    Rumi says, "a wound is a place where light enters."
    Oh, Moon!
    So many craters, so many scars yet so dark.
    I know, u cried, and u bled.
    Poets found their muse in your pain.
    //Humanity never fails to disappoint me//

    I see the Moon floating on water.
    Contemplating on existence.
    I see the Moon in Starry Night.
    Reflecting the irony of Van Gogh.
    I see the Moon restlessly revolving in space.
    So many selenophile, yet dying at its own pace.
    // Moonlight Sonata//


  • sunset_in_autumn 37w

    #wod #pod #personify @writersnetwork @mirakee @soulfulstirrings @preetkanwal

    Have written in a hurry so please overlook punctuations and other mistakes.����

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    It's been a while living in the dark.Sometimes I wish if I were sunflower, forever facing the light.

    It's been a while sabotaging emotions to myself.
    Sometimes I wish if I were sky. Vast and open.Downpouring everything when it turns grey.

    It's been a while fearing failure.Sometimes I wish
    if I were an evergreen tree with no fear of fall in autumn,swaying with the wind while keeping the roots grounded.

    It's been a while pausing my life.Sometimes I wish
    If I were a brook.Forever flowing with purpose and immortalising myself into the sea.

    It's been a while allowing misfortunes to drench and exploit me. Sometimes I wish if I were a beach. I would have sent the storms of misfortunes back to the wretched sea.

    It's been a while serving humanity. Sometimes I wish if I were sun. Bringing light and life to everyone during the day and to the moon at night.


  • sunset_in_autumn 38w

    Bravery: Then and Now

    // Life kept teaching me a new definition of bravery at different phases of my life.//

    I was two years old.
    They used to throw me in air and catch.
    I used to laugh resoundingly
    To mute the fear of fall.
    // I was brave//

    I was six years old.
    Ghost and witches existed that time for me.
    It was dark night.
    My mom asked me to bring curtains from upstairs.
    Afraid I was going up.
    Heart pumping fast, pulses high
    Sweating I ran up and brought the curtains safely.
    // I was brave//

    I was thirteen years old.
    Just entered adolescent.
    With high hormones and energy
    I used to quarrel and argue for my rights and perceptions.
    I stood for myself, fought with valour, seeked explanations for wrong doings.
    Denying reality and raging to change it.
    // I thought I was brave//

    I turned sixteen.
    Lost my dad.
    Killing my grief and pain inside.
    I wiped the tears from my mom's eyes.
    Reality was staring right at my face.
    That time I didn't deny it. I accepted it.
    Without questioning what and why.
    // I was brave//

    Now I have turned twenty.
    Embracing the struggles with dignity in silence.
    Bearing the pain in quiteness
    Wearing a mask of happiness throughout the day.
    That I remove before going to sleep.
    And my pillow hates it
    Welcoming the life as it unfolds itself.
    With no complains and no demands
    I am growing through experiences.
    // I think I am brave//


  • sunset_in_autumn 38w

    #pod #death #feelings
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    For only the dead remains seventeen forever!!

    Death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of it. By living our lives, we nurture death
    ( Murakami)

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    Feelings just rise up,
    Hardens and die inside.
    I embellish the necropolis
    with metaphors,
    embalm the dead
    with imagery.
    Weaves the verses with pain
    And knit the casket with
    threads of allusion and rhyme
    To preserve the cremain for some time.

    I am not a poet.
    I am not a writer.
    I am just a pall bearer
    who carries the casket from within.
    And a funeral pastor
    who interment the dead
    into the graves of literature
    And empty the heart
    to welcome another death.