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  • sunny_writes 19h

    Negativity mistreats us, Stops us from
    Reaching our very Potential.
    Makes us what we really not are.
    Tells us some unpredictable happenings
    Which won't happen in all three tenses.
    Tries to misguide, Tries to mislead.
    Tries to push us into the well of sorrow.
    Avoid it, Avoid it at all costs.

  • sunny_writes 19h

    Empty out the negative.

    The best way to empty out negative
    Is clear its damn meaning from our minds.
    Where's no negativity things go smoother.
    There is extreme clearity between good and bad.

  • sunny_writes 8w

    Appreciate what you have before its too late.

  • sunny_writes 12w

    Being Rich from Wealth won't make a difference Being Rich from Heart will.

  • sunny_writes 17w

    1. Notice Everything.
    2. Say Nothing.
    3. Wait for the right time.

  • sunny_writes 17w

    Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it.

  • sunny_writes 17w

    Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

  • sunny_writes 20w

    Give them not too much attention.
    Don't overthink, think and Overthink about them.
    Let them pass by as clouds and not fall down as rain.
    Fear not the unknown, For the worry hardly has a face.
    Get not misleaded by them, for they have a tendency to mislead for free.

  • sunny_writes 20w

    Do you know a thing ?
    They never settle in our cute minds.
    But go after sometime, saying goodbye.
    Then, others are invited too, but even they do not reside.
    Worry not about worries
    Because there is hardly a thing about worries to worry.

  • sunny_writes 20w


    They come, without any information
    Come on a weekend to enjoy
    Come alone, Sometimes in a series
    Tend to be notorius one in nature
    Not by virtue, they come to show us the real path.
    Come to keep us on our right track.
    To make us stronger, stronger than our imagination.