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  • sunny_chajjedh 3d

    Isn't life temporarily permanent?

    It was my dream to build a home, which was luxurious,
    Even though it might awake people, with feelings acrimonious!
    I saved and planned each phase with perfection,
    So that I can finally erect the house which has that special connection!

    The roofs and walls were perfectly coloured to give a soothing delight,
    The bright colours that decorated the home, gave mesmerizing view matching the moonlight!
    The floors and tiles were laid to add glory to the walls,
    Perfectly matching the colours which and minding the details, whatever smalls.

    The constant efforts to gains the perfection, was maintained even while getting the wood work done,
    It was a really hectic effort and drained my complete energy, but was fun.
    The comforts and pleasures were all taken care of while finishing the minute details,
    And it was finally the home of my dreams which will mesmerise all once it unveils!

    The moment all went in drain, the moment nature struck it's harshest whip,
    All went turn into a debris and it was a situation that took ages to come to grip!
    The tyranny of the Earth was unleash when it started to shake,
    And in a second all dreams, started to break.

    Quickly the palaces of my dreams turned into soil and dirt,
    The once beautiful Garth is not turned into a desert!
    That moment I realised the real ephipany,
    That we can't control the nature's, tyranny!
    Insta Id: @arpit_chajjedh

  • sunny_chajjedh 1w


    Wish for once I can, live life as per my own wish!
    Wish for once I can, walk the street without any fear of being judged.
    Wish for once people judge me for my achievements and not failures.
    Wish for once, the world understands, that beauty lies even in imperfections.
    Wish for once, people are loved for their hearts and not their looks.
    Wish for once, we understand the importance of giving and not expect anything in return.
    Wish for once, the world understands that money doesn't give us true happiness.
    Wish for once, we understand that it's better to invest and grow than mere show off.
    Wish for once, we can read and understand the words unspoken and not merely the words spoken.
    Wish for once, people don't fall but instead rise in Love.
    Wish for once people understand the pain, in the words scribbled and not just read it for fun.
    Insta Id: @arpit_chajjedh

  • sunny_chajjedh 2w

    Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya Hai

    Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai,
    Sabke jaise na ho shayad par kuch alag andaaz mein kiya hai,
    Par Haan Maine bhi pyaar kiya hai.
    Uski ek jhalak pane ko, tez bhukaar mein bhi school gaye,
    Uski muskuraati aankon mein, lakho aansoon ka deedar dekha hai,
    Ek pal jo woh dekh le, us jhalak ko humne apni yaadon mein qaid kiya hai,
    Haan Maine bhi pyaar ki kiya hai.
    Woh chutti ke din, uske didaar ke liye uski gaaliyon mein jaana,
    Bus ek jhalak use dekh kar fir wapis aapne raaste pe mud jana,
    Fir pura din us yaad ko aapne aankhon mein bhar, pagalon ki tarah muskurana,
    Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai.
    Uski har uljan ko suljane, ke liye khud har muskil se ulja jaana,
    Uske har sheme hue paloon ko, khushiyon se bhar dena,
    Fir chahe uske liye, aapne sapno ko kharch dena,
    Use paane ki chaha se nahi, lekin usko khush karne ki liye sab kuch kiya hai,
    Haan main bhi pyaar kiya.
    Uske liye der raaton tak, card banana,
    Fir usko aapne kuch alfaazon se sajana,
    Lakho jazbaaton ko bus aapne kalam se uspe baha dena,
    Ek soch yahi ki woh kabhi toh un shabdon k peeche ki gehraai ko samjah sake,
    Bus ishi ek ehsaas se unke liye, saari raaton ki neend ko uda dena,
    Fir na jaane kyun, us card ko bus aapne tak hi rahne dena,
    Ek alag darr se shayad humne, unhe paane ka intezar kiya hai,
    Haan Maine bhi pyaar kiya hai.
    Unse door na ho bus ishi wajah se collage scholarship ko gawa diya,
    Usse science mein interest nahi tha, bus isliye humne bhi aapne rukh commerce pe mod diya,
    Na chaate hue bhi humne aapna Career or guroor bhi chod diya,
    Bus woh ojhal na ho jaye, is nazron se bus isliye aapne saapnon ka mukh bhi mod diya hai,
    Haan Maine bhi pyaar kiya hai.
    Na jaane kitni sidaat se, har mandir mein jaana,
    Usse paane ki dua nahi ki, par bas, uski Khushiyon ka chaha hai,
    Har waqt khuda se aapne liye nahi bas uski khushi ki dua karna,
    Uske ek aansoon ko rokne ke liye, aapni saari khushiyan nichawar karna,
    Use aapane ke liye bas, use khush karne ke liya har waqt dua karna,
    Woh bhale hi na aapnaye mujhe, par jan liye meri tamam irrado ko ek baar,
    Us ek lamhe ke liye humne, zindagi bhar intezar kiya hai,
    Haan Maine bhi pyaar kiya hai.
    Log mohabbat ko paana maante hai,
    Par maine, bina kissi shart me use chaha hai,
    Mere dost bhi aksar mujhe pagal kehte hai,
    Poochhte the aisi mohabbat kaun karta hai,
    Mein bas yeh kehta, usse paane ki zid se nahi hai,
    Na hi usse hasil karne ka junoon hai,
    Bas woh jan le ek baar mere har jazbaat ko,
    bus iss tamana se hume usse pyaar kiya hai,
    Haan Maine bhi pyaar Kiya hai

    ©️ Sunny Chajjedh
    Insta Id: @arpit_chajjedh

  • sunny_chajjedh 7w

    What If Am Yet to Succeed

    The roads ahead seems long and challenging,
    But am sure, I have no thoughts of abandoning!
    With hope and confidence, I take a step ahead,
    Unaware of the struggles which lie widespread.

    The path seems exciting to surge and conquer,
    but it doesn't even show a glimpse of pains which lie after.
    Yet I hope to reach the end
    And acquire the destinations with which my dreams perfectly blend!

    Yeah I am still a work which is in progress,
    and there are many flaws in me, which I need to address.
    So what that I am not sure of achieving my goals in a time frame,
    But am sure the victory will surely leave me to enjoy the acclaim.

    Agree am yet to succeed and make my name,
    But everyone masters, only after learning and developing their game.
    I will surely surge and make the world repent for judging me,
    For am tirelessly putting my efforts and working like a busy bee.

    I am sure I will succeed as winning is more addiction now,
    and also quitting isn't something which my conscience will allow.
    My Victory is bound to come, as they say, not immediately but surely,
    and you better be prepare to mince your words, for judging me prematurely!

    Insta Id: @wordsof.sunny

  • sunny_chajjedh 7w


    Periodically I pester my predominantly pulsating energies, to pile on the Platter of power, that pushed my position to poles, without any purpose. Putting all the power, to publish my proficiency, which can polish my pungent emotions and prefix it with perfection and positivity.

    Insta Id: @wordsof.sunny

  • sunny_chajjedh 29w

    You will be there in my heart but till when

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    Painful good byes

    Two days were really tough for me to be frank, really missed a guiding light or rather say my punching bag where I vent up my frustrations and speak my heart out. But this did made me tough and made me understand that in life people come and go after thier roles are done but it's always the inner you who have to stand and fight the odds with your strength. He carefully wrote everyone's role in your life and ofcourse made sure it ends when the time is right and you are ready to face it yourself. You really have to make some tough decisions which leaves you devasted many times but He knows you can do it and come out victorious. Am happy that you entered in my life and blessed to have woven some wonderful memories with you but maybe it was destined to be till this point and not beyond. I really deserve this seperation, for taking you for granted and doing the sin of judging you. The gulit will always reside in me but will make me be careful of not doing the sin again, if at all He blesses me with another relationship of this pristine nature. Well this also sums up my journey with words and pen as I feel, if I take up this path, I won't be able to get over the pangs of separation and lead a life free from your vibes. You will always be the best friend of mine before whom I did bare my heart and have really been my darkest and craziest best. Thanks for all you have done in my life. With hope that you willl forgive me for the sin I made.

    No more to pen but feelings in my heart are always over flowing for you.

  • sunny_chajjedh 40w

    The ashes of love

    She burned my heart with acts of deceit and somehow even the ashes of my heart loved her with same grit.