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  • sunny_ 20w

    Searching for answers

    Everyone around me seems to know what love is
    Everytime I feel something close to it
    I think to myself
    This can't be it
    There has to be more to this
    Or maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist
    Or have I just not found it yet?

    Is it supposed to be clear
    Or does it make you doubt and fear?
    Am I looking in the wrong places
    Or is it because I'm not looking?
    Am I supposed to look for love
    Or is love supposed to find me?

    I'm waiting for you to find me
    I'm waiting for the day that I can say
    This is love
    I finally know what love is
    I finally know what everyone has been talking about
    I finally know why it was worth waiting for

    I hope you find me
    Or maybe you won't
    Because maybe that's not how love works
    But what do I know?


  • sunny_ 24w


    Sometimes the silence is too loud
    When no one else is around
    When you're left with your thoughts
    The screams and shouts
    That are trapped inside
    All the thoughts you keep out of sight
    By staying busy day and night
    By countless interactions
    Hoping to find that one true connection
    But you're disconnected from yourself
    That's the problem when you try to find happiness in everybody else
    Today sit in that silence and listen to what you might learn about the person closest to you
    Connect with your feelings and discover a world you never knew


  • sunny_ 62w


    It's a rainy day
    My eyes decided to imitate the clouds today
    The tears are rolling down my face
    Like the raindrops that are rolling down the window
    I hope these tears will make my heart bloom and grow again
    Like the rain that brings life to the earth after it is dead

  • sunny_ 62w


    When I think of the sea
    I think of the beautiful creatures that live down deep
    And I think of everything beautiful inside of me that no one gets to see
    When I think of the sea
    I think of the waves
    Destroying the little kids sandcastle
    While being the perfect opportunity for a surfer
    How the sea can be destructive and a blessing at the same time
    Just like me
    Isn't it funny..
    How water can drown you
    And keep you alive at the same time
    How my thoughts can drown me
    And keep me alive at the same time

  • sunny_ 99w

    No longer yours

    I'm no longer yours to control
    To be mad at
    To yell at
    To look at
    To want something from
    To have expectations of

    I'm not saying you were wrong
    But let's be honest, we weren't going strong
    Always fighting
    So leaving you is probably the right thing
    For my peace of my mind
    Love didn't make me blind
    I'm glad I could see
    That you're not right for me

    I don't know if anyone is right for me right now
    I don't know how
    To figure that out
    But I decided to follow my heart
    Should've done it from the start
    Yet I decided to give you a chance
    Let you come close and we danced
    We laughed and we fought
    There were times where I thought
    That you were my future
    Now that's in the past
    I listened to my heart at last
    The way you would never want to listen to me
    I didn't ignore it like you used to ignore me
    I stopped trying to tell it what to feel
    I let it out, now it's free
    I let my heart lead me instead
    Stopped controlling it with my head

    I'm not meant for you
    I can't be there for you
    The way you need me to
    We both had expectations that went unfulfilled
    We were disappointed but we kept going still
    We thought we could fake love
    We were stuck with this hate love
    With this half love
    With this maybe love
    With this almost love

    I don't blame you
    So don't blame me
    For giving my heart a break
    Instead of letting it break
    There's only so much it could take
    I'm moving on
    Decided to be on my own
    That's the only safe place for my heart to be
    Back in my hands, it only belongs to me


  • sunny_ 114w


    Let people love you
    Stop being scared of love
    Don't worry about why they love you
    Just accept their love

    Let people be kind to you
    Be kind to people
    Don't worry about why they're kind
    Just accept their kindness

    See the good in people
    Accept the good from people
    Not everyone is trying to harm you


  • sunny_ 114w


    I don't wanna die
    I just wanna kill this sadness
    I don't wanna fly
    I just wanna escape this madness
    I don't wanna be deaf
    I just want some silence


  • sunny_ 115w


    I'm sorry you feel like you're not good enough
    I'm sorry you tell yourself you're hard to love
    I'm sorry you don't know how to love yourself
    I'm sorry you don't know how to trust anyone but yourself
    I'm sorry that sometimes you can't even trust yourself
    I'm sorry your smile is becoming rare
    I'm sorry living life seems like an impossible dare
    I'm sorry you feel useless
    I'm sorry you feel helpless
    I'm sorry that you laugh less
    and cry more
    I'm sorry you don't feel like you can take it anymore
    I'm sorry your chest feels tight
    I'm sorry nothing feels right
    I'm sorry

    But please
    Keep searching for the light
    Don't give up on your heart
    Don't give up on you
    Don't give up.


  • sunny_ 124w


    I can feel myself falling for you
    And there's no better feeling
    Than knowing
    You'll be there to catch me


  • sunny_ 125w


    Maybe I don't need you
    Maybe I do
    Right now I'm just so confused.
    This is all so new

    Why am I so afraid of what's to come
    Why is my first instinct to run
    Why can't I just breathe



    And remember
    Having someone doesn't mean I waited to be found
    It doesn't mean that I have to got it all figured out
    Or that sadness is not allowed
    It just means that someone cares
    There's no need to be scared