Your Love Makes Me Strong Your Hate Makes Me Unstoppable

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  • sundarcvc 1w


    Romance Under Moonlight,
    Some share it with their loved one's,
    I dwell on how we once loved.

    Under it's spotlight,
    Feeling exposed and betrayed,
    Tears shine in on my Weakness.

    Under it's dim light,
    I search for my spark,
    For within it's cold and dark.

  • sundarcvc 4w


    The bridge between being different and indifferent is acceptance,which is usually difficult to cross and almost always blown apart by intolerance.

  • sundarcvc 6w

    Night Sky

    Alone,Under the carpet of the star studded night sky,some run into the dark and party till it's bright,while others run into and face their darkness to become whole and shine bright.

  • sundarcvc 6w


    A single thought about you,
    In pain all day I pay it's due.
    But who has escaped Life's irony,
    You're my favorite escape,
    For with you I have my life's profound memories.
    Now burning me alive,
    By fueling my miseries.
    In the sea of emotions,
    Riding the turbulent waves of expectations,
    At the helm,
    Dream Of Getting Back Together,
    Reality Of Acceptance
    Fight For control.
    Blinding rain of thoughts,
    And the strong wind of doom,
    Rocks the vessel of my existence.
    As I hold on to my only rope,
    And adjust the sail of my slipping hope.


  • sundarcvc 6w


    Heart says a lot,
    But the words seems to clot,
    Afraid of sounding like a prosperous snot.
    My lips stay shut,
    Wounds deepening and it hurts,
    But it's better than to vainly blurt.
    Cause I think what's there to gain,
    So I just remain.
    Embracing silence,
    And busy making love with my pain.

  • sundarcvc 8w


    Multiple Journeys to complete in a continuous journey of life!!
    Many souls to meet,fill it with memories
    In times empty sheet.
    Reach out to someone for them realize
    Their heart is worthy enough to beat.
    Make love with the one with whom you're
    Ego completely melts and depletes.
    Yeah,Shit happens and it does sometimes repeat.
    But don't forget to be there for yourself,
    Cause that's where life feels totally complete.

  • sundarcvc 8w

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    P.S - The last 2 lines are from my friend !!

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    Hey You!! Yeah You!!
    The one you're Bullying And Torturing,
    Is My Friend,
    Yeah,you hardly know me as a person,
    But together I believe we can stop,
    From committing this treason.
    I don't know your challenges,
    But I do know you're strong enough,
    To crush them and earn your victory badges.
    If you fall flat,don't you worry,
    Cause I've got your back through all stages.
    So stop bullying and Torturing yourself,
    Cause the one you're doing it to,
    Is my very good friend.


  • sundarcvc 10w


    With my one leg and my compass pointing north towards and into the turbulent waters of the unknown and the other in the sticky muddy shore saying to postpone.

  • sundarcvc 10w


    A casual fling,an adventurous feeling and an urge to cling,regardless of it's painful sting but one slight ping,sends the hormones fluttering as your heart sings and goes on to take another swing.

  • sundarcvc 10w


    Love!! Hmmmm!! Interesting!!
    Definitely not the one that is glamorized,
    In the romance novel's page,
    Or not even the one's that are captured,
    In the 70mm screen image,
    All it is that it's a bio chemical change,
    For someone attractive within our range.
    No,not at all trying to be a noble sage.
    All I am saying is,
    Lust is the passage to love,
    By lust I don't mean the process,
    That makes her squeal,
    But anything that has it's appeal.
    That interesting and invigorating feel,
    Turning into guilt,
    If not approached to unravel what's concealed.
    Dreaming of that person as our ideal,
    Taking a step towards that person with zeal,
    And to know if they truly are a real deal.
    But it's their character that seals the deal.
    Yes,I said Lust,
    But that very lust told me
    Approaching that person is a must.
    And in the process of knowing that one,
    I knew she's the one.
    For it was not for lust,
    Would have kept waiting for miss perfect,
    Untill I formed rust.