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  • summermoon 4d


    If my poem doesn't rhyme I still inflate it with life. For even my heart rejects it's beat every now and then.

  • summermoon 1w

    I love

    I love when the wod is simple.
    Gentle challenges preventing me from stumbling over my words and thoughts.
    Wanting to be a poet for a moment but are my words creative enough to pen?
    Worthy enough to be read?

  • summermoon 1w

    Next Level

    There's beauty in seeing what you conceal.
    Hiding from self afraid to create life.
    A new soul, a new being, forward.
    Forward moving into a new you.
    Create, grow, break, die, cry to live.
    Claw your way to the bottom.
    The bottom of your soul and create.

  • summermoon 2w


    When the sun was created it made a silent vow.
    It would never bend to darkness.
    Sweeping across the land with it's rays.
    Engulfing the sky with it's brilliance it.
    Being bold, and beautiful it shone.
    The sun kept it's vow.
    Never moving, always watching.
    Sending down dancing light beams of love.
    Until the sun realized she was a star.
    One of infinity.
    Without darkness no one would know where she comes from.
    No one would gaze on her brothers and sisters.
    So slowly she crept. Hoping the sluggishness of her movement would not disturb her silent vow.
    Afraid that if she gave way to darkness she would never be able to shine again.
    Even so she knew her brothers and sisters would still send down light.
    So finally she set. Bending to darkness.
    The night sky littered with her world of luminous spheres. Similar to her, but different.
    She loved the way her brothers and sisters danced.
    Strolling across the land with their luminescents.
    She watched, waiting for hours until she rose again. Making a new silent vow to always let her family be seen. Until the end of time.

  • summermoon 2w


    stuck in my head space living
    story swirling within
    my own world creating calm
    this world is better than ours

  • summermoon 3w

    What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    There is a saying that has always confused me.. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    I beg to differ. What doesn't kill you, plagues you. What doesn't kill you, has the potential to make you ugly. Leaving hairline fractures in your spine, waiting for the paralysis to come. Pressing down on your psyche, watching for the crack in your smile . Cleansing dopamine and serotonin from your body. Scrubbing joy and peace away as if it were toxuc. What doesn't kill you, kills you.

    If you let it.

  • summermoon 4w


    Beauty is upon you. I have never witness anything so extraordinary beautiful in my life.
    The way you smile, the way you squeeze my hand every time you hold it, the way you lift your eye brows when caught off gaurd.
    Beauty is the only thing I've ever seen in you. I know you may not always think you're beautiful. Carrying two children will change your body. Time will rattle your bones exchanging youth for pain.
    But yet you laugh. You laugh so hard sometimes you cry. And even with tears upon your face beauty is upon you.
    You are the most beautiful expression I've ever been blessed to witness. Beauty is upon you. Beauty is you.

  • summermoon 4w


    I was never a speck of dust.
    I am the entire storm.
    Dust bowl of a woman I allowed nothing to grow.
    Everything alive must die and I was tired of watching the world wilt.
    Wilting was the only choice left.


  • summermoon 5w


    To fail in
    real time is
    a gift and
    a curse, falling
    bleeding, crying,
    embarrassed and
    emboldened to move
    backwards in order to
    get back up and try again

  • summermoon 7w



    1 cup of experience
    1/4 cup of resilience
    1/2 cup of confidence
    2 oz of curiosity
    3 oz of introspection
    1/2 cup of discretion

    Preheat emotional release to 350°

    Gently mix curiosity and introspection together. Slowly add in experience this will make the mixture soft and easy to handle. Pour in the discretion followed by resilience and confidence. If mixture becomes crumbly add in 3 tears to make smooth.
    (Feel free to add in extra seasoning such as pain, pride, confusion, love, darkness and desire).

    Place mixture in oven and allow to bake as long as needed. Some poems may need to bake longer than others. Be patient and wait for words to form. Some poems may take longer or be heavier than others. Once poem is complete take out and allow to cool your subconscious. Let the words flow and enjoy.