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  • sumita_panigrahi 1d

    Sometimes the direction where we are leading, make us feel like we are nowhere,
    But actually it's the other way, we are now in the right direction and we will soon be fine..
    Acceptance is the reality ��

    #Mirakee #life #lost #reality #fine #writersnetwork #keepmoving

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    Somedays you need to believe that no matter where you are,
    You will be fine soon.
    Just keep faith upon yourself and keep moving..

  • sumita_panigrahi 1w

    The moment you know that your soul just needs you, you are full. Your life learnings are filled.
    Fill your empty heart with your own love,
    Your wings with winds,
    Stop pondering about the future,
    Reach the pinnacle..

    There is nothing in life that you can't do with your own power..
    You have whole universe within you.
    "Just wake up and look at the mirror you beautiful soul".
    No matter what your skin type is,
    No matter what your colour is,
    No matter what hair type you have,
    No matter how much you have studied,
    No matter what you are going through,

    You are a single piece carved out so beautifully that nobody else is like you,

    Keep telling yourself that you are gorgeous the way you are and keep smiling ��

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #loveyourself #love #live #life #keepgoing #keepsmiling

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    Stay hover to yourself
    Your soul needs you,
    Exult being in self
    No matter what "Be you".

  • sumita_panigrahi 2w

    Living up everyday, is not easy.
    But no matter what we all are going through,
    We need to learn that one day the dark tunnel will end and we will see the light..
    Till then, keep going ����

    #mirakee #life #love #keepgoing #keeploving #selflove #hell #soul #live #light

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    God bless those souls, who are fighting everyday to live up to the best
    Even when they are going through hell.

  • sumita_panigrahi 3w

    I can't accept the fact of coming and going everytime. When I want them, they leave giving absurd reasons.
    But I can't wait for someone to come and go everytime. It hurts. I become happy for a little time and then I am left forever sad. Instead of the on and off game. Let's off it forever. ��
    A piece of my soul died forever with your love..��

    #mirakee #live #love #lost #pain #gone #forever #hurt #keepmoving

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    Loving someone is not easy,
    As I get closer to them
    They leave
    And when I leave
    I am blamed.

  • sumita_panigrahi 3w

    Everything comes with a cost in life.
    Accepting the defeat is not easy. But for someone's else sake, you can.
    When your heart is so pure, you always would find love and hugs in every situation.��
    If someone doesn't want to stay, then it's fine. Let them go. Freedom is what they have choosen. ��
    Their life is their, their decisions are their, please don't irritate them. Everyone deserves to be happy in life.
    If people are thinking wrong about u, that's fine, you can't make everyone happy.��
    It's ok, let them be happy wherever and however they are.☘️

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    Sometimes when both the parties are putting a blame game upon each other,
    One party has to bow down.
    Sometimes accepting the fault you haven't done is fine.
    Someone's else satisfaction and peace is much important than yours..
    Remember this

  • sumita_panigrahi 4w

    Never run from the jeopardy.. it will come but inculcate it as a positive response in life and spew the negativity.
    You are really doing good, just have faith upon yourself!
    #life #goeson #youareenough #beautiful #positive #keepgoing #nevergiveup #mirakee

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    Never be afraid of accepting the debacle..
    You still have the fire to embolden yourself back from the ashes and rise like the sun..


  • sumita_panigrahi 6w

    The bubble that once used to have everything lose aura all at once, why?
    The best answer is time, time that make things also sometimes break things.��
    You can't expect to be ok everytime. Let your tears shed out.
    Do you ever think, that once something is broken it can be fixed back?? Pretty doubtful but can be.

    If you are confused, not doing well, here is a remainder for you, "you are wasting your precious time in the past while you should enjoy your present".

    Many people asked me, if there is nothing to be happy how can we enjoy?. Right. But try to find beauty in the smallest thing. Not even the cocoon knew that he will fly one day..

    Just don't overthink, everything will be fine soon. Regret would just make your life worse, instead of thinking too much just be calm and try to make yourself understand that some things and some people can't stay with you forever.. it's just a temporary belief that life throws at you to give to happiness and once you get attached, it gives you everlasting pain. Just take nap, try to focus on yourself.

    One day he will find someone and one day you would find's ok, not everyone stays..
    Love is made up of consent, trust and respect.
    Sometimes, with the journey you lose your love and give up a piece of your soul. You see your inner self dying infront of yourself. ��

    Instead of nurturing yourself and loving yourself to hell, you fell ill and eventually lose a lot of things. Life is unfair to some not to all. But with time, you learn to live up to these things. Life teaches you the hard way.
    Love is an emotion that should be experienced by both. If you at all feel it's not working, instead of blaming it on anyone, be a bit cordial with the other try to understand their emotions and leave..��

    Time tells and give hints to you that they aren't the one but deep down you only want them. Not everything is possible in the fairyland of love.

    With sweet bitter memories of your love try to build a castle where you are your own master and your own servent.♥️

    #mirakee #life #love #respect #time #lovefades #dies #peopleleave #painful #treacherous #forever #innersoul #emotions #cry #teachings #becalm #loveyourself #fine #keepsmiling

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    Love is like a bubble
    Once burst, can never be the same...

  • sumita_panigrahi 8w

    What is happiness?

    On the journey to find happiness, we strive hard to find a reason to define that happiness.

    Is it something in particular?
    Is it an unspecified thing that we have to do or we are bound to achieve in order to make us happy?

    It is a vicious cycle in our mind that tells us that happiness is reaching the destination..��

    If at all I will reach the destination, will I be happy? Or I will be longing to achieve more in order to find that feeling called happiness. Is it everlasting? The simple answer is "No".

    Then what about the comparison, is comparing our identity with others will give us happiness? No.
    You will put yourself into crisis comparing yourself with someone else. Everyone in this world, is somewhere better than you. No matter what you achieve, you will always long for achieving more and more to describe your happiness. You will never be satisfied.��

    Every moment you compare yourself with someone else, you put yourself down in front of your own eyes. Is it ok? If you don't own a car, can you buy a car seeing and being jealous of others? Instead of being jealous, you should work hard to achieve it.��

    Jealousy is a negative feeling that daunt us and put us in self doubt harming our soul.
    Try not to compare. You are what you are, you are abundant. Beauty is seeing yourself as a whole ��

    #mirakee #love #life #pain #lost # happiness #greatful #daunt #keepgoing #compare #nevergiveup #nevercompare #youarebeautiful #jealous #whole #satisfied #choice

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    Happiness is now,
    right here,
    infront of our eyes,
    being grateful for everything we have

  • sumita_panigrahi 9w


    There were days when we used to wait for each other to go to assembly, to eat tiffin together during recess, to go to playground holding hands together and gossips that were endless.. even after coming home talking nonsense on call was a must..��

    But now after years when we got in touch, you didn't care neither did you ask once how things are going
    We have moved on in our respective lives but that beautiful bond which could be kept is no longer left.
    I am just another person on your contact list lying just like that whom you don't give a fuck.☀️

    But still after trying several times to be in touch with you, when you pull yourself out and stated me that I am no longer your friend, I agreed. ����

    Still sending you memes just in order to make you laugh and remember our bitter sweet moments from school, but your replies have now left me shattered this time with forced one word and emojis.��

    I concluded that you have moved on with new friends and new life with zenith succes but still a question is haunting me, Is it ok to abondon your best friend who was with you through your thik and thin??��

    As you climbed the ladder of success you forgot me like anything else that don't matter to you..��

    So I have decided,

    Even after many years of effort, if you say me, you don't care and don't wanna be my friend, it's fine, I will leave..��

    You have just left me in a dilemma whether to keep your contact or delete it!!��

    I tried insanely to delete but I couldn't and even I tried to keep it I couldn't ��

    So what should I do??

    If you assess people on behalf of what you are now after climbing those ladders on my back...and now you think that you are superior and beyond all with your ego and getting limelights and putting my moral down by treating me this way.. I am sorry.. I cannot be your friend anymore, goodbye.. ����

    My old friend has lost that aura and is no more the same.. you are lost into the world of ego enchanting I barely know you and you barely know me.. ciao ��

    Cheers to those amazing goofy days and carefree smiles..♥️

    #mirakee #lost #friend #nolongercare #live #die #love #pain #beautiful #bff #goodbye #allthebest #gonearethedays #nolongercare #lostfriendship #keepyourheadhigh #ego #blindfolded #success #keepgoing

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    Gone are the days when we were best friends
    Keeping each other head high was the trend,

    Now you no longer care about me even at bay,
    Then for what shall I be pondering about you all day..

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  • sumita_panigrahi 9w

    Just breath in positivity and breathe out toxicity..
    Everything will be fine soon.��
    Be grateful to what you have.
    You are gorgeous the way you are..��
    Just embrace it fully..
    God will do good, don't worry..
    Just keep moving ��
    God will not harm you, don't panic, just trust the process ��
    #mirakee #life #love #pain #keepmoving #gratitude #grateful #spreadsmiles #kerpsmiling #youarebeautiful #gorgeous #positive #beautiful #lookatthemirrorandsmile #nevercompare

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    Every morning comes with lavishing hope
    Thunderstorms and frolic smiles
    Cherish all.
    You are eternally beautiful with a gorgeous smile adorn over it..