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  • sumeet19 21w

    Winter rose wistfully wraps
    Her crimson woes into
    The velvet throws of time
    Petals of worries
    Scatter like flurries
    Leaving their leaden weight behind
    The solstice chimes
    The obscurities that bind
    She sighs into the zephyr
    Kissing the silky seconds of sublime

  • sumeet19 34w

    My mother❤️

    There are parts of us
    And there are parts of you
    Parts of us that shine
    From parts of you
    That emanate a halo over us
    Parts of us that sings
    With parts of you that harmonise
    Parts of us that live
    For parts of you that beautifully survive
    Parts of you that fit in all of us
    That are amiss
    Parts of you that cut through
    Parts of us which are hardened
    And make us whole again
    Parts of you that whispers
    To parts of us
    That are astray in the abyss
    These are the parts of souls
    Of yours and ours
    Of mine and yours

  • sumeet19 38w

    Women are charmed
    I do not mean the beauty with the make up on
    But the charm which makes them reach for the sky
    The charm which is interwoven in the very fabric of life
    Women are magic,enchanting and beguiling
    But they aren’t considered that,are they?
    Women are thought to be tiny cottages while they are tall skyscrapers
    Standing tall and proud
    Women are believed to be old rickety bicycles when they are actually elegant majestic triumph tiger rally pros
    Blazing down highways till the horizon
    Women are painted as weak and voiceless
    When they are actually the rationale behind poetry slam on strength
    Women are considered to be a pretty ornament to be worn occasionally and put away in the safe for safety
    While in reality they are the nurtures
    Women are not just walls and doors of a house but the vast empty sky
    Women are charmed
    And charmed are not ordinary but extraordinary

  • sumeet19 46w

    Quiet is such a beautiful place to be
    No need to talk or to be heard is exhilarating you will see
    No expectations, no justifications
    No outings, no hankering for things
    But being accountable to self
    Quiet is comforting, it stays by your side
    It encourages you to observe events, taking it in your stride
    It lets you know where you went wrong
    Make amends, though it may take a bit long
    Quiet is the only place where you can be you
    Not bound by the limitations of the conventional world
    A place to strive and thrive
    Not just live but have the sentiment to give

  • sumeet19 63w

    Before poetry

    No floor on which to dance
    No frilly metaphors to romance
    No rhyme or reason to this life

    Everything was square
    Every heartbeat a metronome
    Every day, a shade of gray

    No couplets, tercets or quatrains
    The rain was just the rain
    And love’s language arcane

  • sumeet19 72w

    Viki Bains

    With his each sigh
    I love him a little more
    With his each poem
    I know myself a little more
    With his each song
    I set my spirits free
    With his each word
    I find music in my ears
    With his each glance
    I drown deeper in the depth of his eyes
    With his each breath
    I find waves rising in sea
    And with his presence
    I find world at my feet

  • sumeet19 72w

    Some forests become books
    Other forests decide to reside inside people
    Becoming fragments of life

  • sumeet19 81w

    When everyday becomes a blur
    You have forgotten the stories told
    And the sounds of the melodies heard
    A maze of metaphors stare back
    At the face you behold
    It’s time you redefine yourself
    To not to be a series of broken easels
    Or a collection of empty pages in a diary
    So you doff a phrase
    Muster the words to a perfect
    Arrangement of sentences
    Letting euphemism guide your emotions
    As flawless as the coquelicot
    Becoming not just a assortment of words
    But a treasure trove of hope
    Redefine yourself to shine bright
    A blazing path of positivity
    With all that life has in stock


  • sumeet19 85w

    In this bitter sip I can taste
    Page after page of
    Memory and moments
    In the memoirs of a coffee mug
    I taste the golden sunset
    Which sets far from where I sit
    Forever beckoning me
    With the caress of its remembrance

  • sumeet19 89w

    I toss autumn in a chair
    Sit and coffee the morning
    The day dawns as gold flakes flutter
    And pirouette to the ground
    It’s September now
    Balanced at very edge of its own fragility
    Vulnerable to the flux of winter clouds
    Seasons come and go
    But something in their silence of going
    Hangs about the house
    Now the leaves stand still as if mesmerised
    Then bursting into life and furious movement
    Doors swing open as the season fades
    I taste the sweet melancholy on my tongue