I live in the peculiar world where the reality ends and fiction begins

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  • sumanchhetry 5h

    Without an Orgasm
    He is just like Her BABA BLACK SHEEP
    Moaning Oh yes Oh yes

  • sumanchhetry 5d

    She is the crafted Bitch
    And he was an Artist

  • sumanchhetry 5d


    A person
    like a chirping bird
    Turned so absurd
    Ending was not an option
    It could have fixed and cured

    She begged on his leave
    Pain slurred
    She narrated VOID
    now she just
    Ignore and avoid
    So annoyed
    And just feels paranormal
    But igorance
    Plays magically
    On wet lashes
    And blurr vision
    Which shows clarity
    Of shitty past
    Who's experience
    Can be fertilizer
    To future
    can't let go
    She still feels

  • sumanchhetry 2w

    Broken parts

    I left
    And also I left
    the broken part if my heart
    As it is
    I left without collecting
    I knew u will return
    In the same darkness
    Where u left her alone
    With her broken broken heart
    She saw and made move
    Wished he never returns
    And when he returned
    Broken part pricked him
    And his male ego


  • sumanchhetry 2w

    To make it good
    He should have nervy one
    And she should have fatty

  • sumanchhetry 2w


    On the lap of mountain
    Under the starling sky
    With millions stars
    Miles away
    I wanna kiss you
    In thousand ways
    And let the autumn wind
    Narrate the story
    how we made it
    In the valley
    Let the shooting stars
    Be jealous and fall apart
    Unconscious u and me
    About what it would be !!!

  • sumanchhetry 3w

    He stood up to fix
    By saying he was making himself comfortable

    She smiled(as she knows he was fixing his dick)

  • sumanchhetry 3w


    It's like something just disappeared from my to do list

    It's just like somebody ate my favourite awaited order

    Just felt liked something snatched my precious

    Like I never owned

    I conveyed this
    To make my heart lighter

    Sent first four lines
    To block chat box

  • sumanchhetry 3w


    Once I wonder
    What if I loose people
    Whom I love
    Forgot to notice
    If they love me same
    Tried to be nice friend
    Assuming if not it would be a shame
    Kinda lame
    Full of blame
    But it made me wonder
    People don't think same
    Now I am liberal
    Secondly with the people
    But First for myself
    Settings them free
    Catching falling me

  • sumanchhetry 3w

    Dawn or dusk

    His entry was dawn
    Or a dusk
    Ask dried musk
    Answer was must
    Not to answer was choice
    Dawn or dusk
    Ask memories filled ruksak
    Real or fake
    Vintage on
    Tear full lake
    May be it just crossed 00:00
    Just an another day
    And stupid me
    I thought it's morning
    Never had second thoughts to love u
    Otherwise it would have worked as warning