Keep your soul pure, pure enough! Purest of the pure! That pure! That No stain dares to stain it!!����

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  • suman_painuly 2w


    You are the rightful owner of being you
    You are good, the owner is you
    You designed yourself in being that
    People are just catalyst for giving an acceleration to the readied fueled engine

  • suman_painuly 3w

    When someone becomes a habit!

    Pre-arrival of habit~ happiness
    Sense of freedom inside
    Bliss creeping long and wide

    Habit arrives ~ a destructive emotion
    The world becomes passive motion
    Consuming whole day
    Taking the happiness away!


  • suman_painuly 3w

    It's magical when people care for you!


  • suman_painuly 5w


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    Life's lifetime investment of HAPPINESS and JOY
    With you is at the COST of
    @hardwork/day and @believe/second!

  • suman_painuly 6w

    Struggle is the sweetener to success

  • suman_painuly 7w

    Morning drink ������

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    Tears are the sign of weakness!
    Smile a little, miles to go!

  • suman_painuly 16w

    Let the scars design you beautifully ❤️


  • suman_painuly 16w

    Dec 21st

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    Winters here

    Happy winter ❄️ solstice
    May the rays of sun bring happiness and warmth to my mirakee family

  • suman_painuly 17w

    Few smiles are
    Just Painfully Beautiful


  • suman_painuly 18w

    Emotions are open secrets